Save money on flushable gDiapers at Amazon

I discovered gDiapers a couple years ago (and mentioned them here) but never had the opportunity to try them with my kids. These diapers combine the environmental friendliness of cloth diapers with the convenience of disposables — they are, essentially, reusable cotton pants with flushable, disposable liners. Even if you throw the used liners in the trash, they decompose much more quickly and completely than traditional disposables (and contain no plastic).

Not surprisingly, the liners are relatively expensive, but that may not matter to you if you’re devoted to this product (as many are).

Amazon’s just started carrying gDiapers and is hosting a promotion this month to celebrate: 20% off the refill packs with the purchase of a starter kit, which contains two pairs of cotton “little g” pants, two snap-in waterproof liners, and 10 refills. (Here are the gDiaper promotion details.)

If you’re already a gDiapers user and don’t need another starter kit, you can still save 15% by signing up for Subscribe & Save (details are available on the refill product pages).

Does anyone have gDiaper stories to share? I’d love to hear how they’ve worked in the real world.


  1. wwbd says

    We used them for two years (now we just use them at naps and bedtime, yay for potty training!) and love them. They are a great product produced by a fantastic company. I highly recommend them. I have now passed on many of my g pants to another mom who is using them with her newborn and loving them, too.

  2. maso says

    We use them with our 8-month old, and they are well thought-out. One aspect that I really appreciate is that the velcro tabs on the shell fasten at the back instead of the front. We can’t keep disposables on our baby because he just unfastens them, but he’s not savvy to these back fasteners yet.

  3. says

    I do like them for travel (we are a cloth diaper family) but find that trying to get an active baby to lay still while I unload and reload them takes a bit of practice. Maybe if I used them more it would get easier. I do love that I can flush them at gas stations on the road and do not have to always have a plastic bag with me.

  4. Jason says

    We tried these with our newborn earlier this winter and had a really high amount of blowouts. The inserts weren’t wide enough to catch and absorb. I can’t remember if it was a size issue or a design issue… but we switched to mother-ease diapers and have been really happy with them.

  5. Inki says

    We love gDiapers! We’re a cloth diaper family but used these when we visited family in a draught-ridden area over Christmas. We now use the pants and the liners with our regular cloth inserts, and it’s the most leak-proof solution we have found for our 11-mo!
    For Kris, I would recommend always keeping one loaded and ready to go – that way you don’t have to keep the baby still for that long :-)

  6. Briana says

    We received a g diaper starter kit from some friends and used the few inserts that were included… Maybe we didn’t do it long enough to get into a real routine, but I felt like I needed to have a changing station in the bathroom rather than in the nursery, which we didn’t have room for.
    I didn’t like em, but maybe I’ll take Inki’s advice and use cloth inserts in them for my next child. They certainly are cute and I loved the covers.

  7. Elena Murphy says

    I have a question for you gDiaper users out there. I was looking into these, watched all the videos, and I’m still confused. What are the snapable liners for? I see the cover, and the flushable insert, and then this snapable liner that has to be washed if the diaper is poopy? I use a diaper service now for my cloth diapers and am NOT interested in having to wash poopy liners. But it’s unclear from the video if this part is required… Any feedback would be helpful please! Thanks!

  8. pmccobb says

    We have a 9-month old and have been using all along. When they get a bit old, the velcro starts to wear down and the kid can yank them off, so we have retired a few. Love them overall!

    Elena, the snap-in liner goes between the cloth outer and the disposable insert to prevent soak through. We keep several extra on hand but you will have to rinse a few out, or just use a wipe.

  9. says

    I used them last fall when we first moved from OK to MD and had difficulty getting back into our cloth routine from a hectic schedule. I bought my kit at Whole Foods. It was a little costly for our family for the initial investment (I made all of my own cloth from recycled clothes and thrifted diapers), but the system was easy.

    I agree that using cloth inserts was a fantastic way to continue using the gdiapers without adding expenses. When I first began cloth diapering my daughter I split the cost of two bulk packages of microfiber towels from Sam’s, the orange nad pale blue ones, with a friend and we used those as the soakers for our cloth diapers. Worked like magic withthe gDiapers and kept Sophia oh so dry.

  10. keri says

    We tried them for a couple weeks when our daughter was a month old and decided they just weren’t our thing. To me, you still have the hassle of washing cloth (the little G pants) without any of the cost savings (flushable inserts being as expensive as disposables). In the end, we decided on prefolds and Bum Genius one-sizes. I can see how G Diapers would be perfect when traveling, or if you don’t have a washer/dryer or don’t like the poopsmithing involved with full-on cloth.

  11. ambrosia says

    We’ve been using gDiapers with our four month old son since his cord stump healed. We like them a lot.

    The gDiapers leaked regularly when my son was a newborn. The small size says its from 8-14 pounds but we found that until my son filled out a bit and got those chunky thighs that babies get, the gDiaper tended to leak. Once he crossed the 10 pound mark, leakage was much less of an issue. By the same token, however, the most spectacular poop-splosions my son has had have all been with disposable diapers, and a certain amount of leaking is inevitable IMHO, regardless of diaper system. We just moved into the medium size at 14 pounds, and haven’t had a leak yet. YMMV of course, every baby is shaped differently.

    I myself have never had the toilet clog. My husband has clogged the toilet three or four times, and freely admits this is due to user error on his part. You have to take the insert and tear along three sides, shaking the absorbent material into the toilet bowl separate from the o insert cover. (My husband tried flushing it whole. Don’t do that.) Yes it can be a little icky but you’re supposed to wash your hands after changing the baby anyway, so it’s really no biggie. My husband has also tried flushing more that one insert at a time. Don’t do that either. In my view the ability to flush the nasty stinky part of the diaper down the toilet is a wonderful thing. There is no “diaper pail smell” in our house. I *love* that.

    Normally I find myself changing his diaper with the same frequency whether he’s in a gDiaper or a disposable. We bought seven gDiaper covers in the small size and that wasn’t quite enough- it was a little hard to stay on top of it and always have some ready to go- now that we have moved up to the mediums we bought nine covers and that works a lot better (the covers are cheaper if you buy more that one of the sampler pack, although you don’t get to choose the colors that way.) I’m sure you can find some used covers on eBay and save a little bit there. The inserts are more expensive than traditional disposables, but the ability to flush them tips the scale in their favor- if we were to use only disposables, we’d have to get a larger trash can, and pay more to our municipality for garbage service, so the ability to flush the inserts works to bring down their overall cost.

  12. Sylvia says

    Love, love the g-dipes! You can use infant prefolds or many kinds of cloth inserts to cut the cost, which is what I mostly use. I do use the disposable inserts for traveling… Regarding leaks- gdiapers are not the best for newborns! Try them at 10lbs and over, and you’ll be happy.

  13. says

    I too tried them in the small size with my newborn and really liked them, but still had a few hangups. Newborn poop seems to a lot messier (at least with a breastfed baby) and so at first it seemed like the liners would ALWAYS get dirty. We only had 2 gDiapers from the starter kit and the most we could get out of each one was 2-3 wears before everything got dirty and had to be washed. So unless you can invest in quite a few diapers (like 9 as stated above), it will be hard to make this your only diapering solution for a newborn. Ordering extra snap-in liners might help with that problem though.

    The other problem I had using them with a newborn is the juggle factor. When I had a poopy insert that I needed to tear and then flush, I didn’t have anywhere to put it down while I finished changing her into a clean diaper. Then I didn’t always have anywhere to put HER down while I went to flush the insert. It’s not quite as easy when they are SO young.

    However, now that my baby is 6 months old, I can put her down to play on her own, and her poops are more consistent now that she’s eating solid foods. She is 15 lbs and has just outgrown the smalls anyway, so I’m going to order some mediums from Amazon. eBay and Craigslist are great places to look for used g’s if you can find them… they seem to be very popular on there and go quickly!

  14. Abby says

    I am excited to start using gDiapers. I have heard great things about them. Thanks for the info on the deals at amazon.

  15. says

    We used these with the twins, along with cloth and disposables (different care providers, different situations). We still have a couple bags of the liners (and I think a cover or two) floating around the house (I used the liners as a biodegradable water holder for the bottoms of containers in my garden… keeps the water loss down…) Anyway, we didn’t use them long – one twin is VERY chunky around the middle- these worked for her thighs well, but they were too snug for the middle (plus she’s hypersensitive to touch around the middle and has GI issues that make it worse… NOT the fault of the gDiapers, IMHO). So, she would start screaming if I tried to put them on her. Not stretchy around the belly (for comparison, regular disposables also didn’t work – she needed the swaddlers/cruisers uber-stretchy disposables to be comfortable, and still can’t stand waistbands most of the time). The other twin had dermatographia (skin marking – hives/welts from pressure or friction) and while these were MUCH better than the Motherease (sigh! cloth just not soft enough even with liners! WAAAHHHH!), she would still get welts and rash up. She was best with disposables, though still got a line of hives along the line of the elastic… poor thing.

    We also had night leakage issues while we were using them, but my kids also have huge bladders… again, not the gDiaper’s fault, just not a good ‘fit’ for us. For night, Motherease or sposies were best.

    Ah, well. At least if you try them you know you can sell them to someone else pretty easily!

  16. Sarah says

    We use gdiapers at home, but do not send them to daycare. I like them and would use them more often if I was a SAHM. If your baby has loose BMs you might want to have disposables, but otherwise these are a great alternative. I wish they would mass produce these, so the costs would lower and it would make an even greater environmental impact too.

  17. Kim Stewart says

    I’ve been using gdiapers for over a year with my 18mo. There is a bit of a learning curve, but flushing the yucky stuff away is fantastic. I also compost the wet ones – they biodegrade in something like 60 days.

    We do still use sposies at night and in a pinch, but after you get used to the g’s, flushing poop out of a sposie (like you’re supposed to) is just gross.

  18. Ann Poyer says

    I tried gdiapers initially when my daughter was a newborn and found them to be a pain due to blowouts and such…Recently went back to them at 15 mo and LOVE THEM!!!