Cornrows make for a low-maintenance summer hairdo

Laura's got an interesting hairstyling tip: My friend's daughter has extremely unruly naturally curly hair that takes a ton of maintenance to keep from tangling, knotting, etc. They recently went to an amusement park for several days and before she went, she took her daughter to get braids (cornrows) in her hair. She went to […]

How to deal with jellyfish stings


Jellyfish hacks! Good to know, because my kids always want to poke and prod the jellyfish that we find washed up on the beach. From Kimberly: We live on the Gulf Coast and just got back from a beach trip — and it’s jellyfish season. Thankfully our 18 month-old didn’t get stung, but I did. […]

links for 2008-07-25

12 Tips for Better Doctor Visits with Kids « PsychMamma Simple wisdom — thanks, Psychmama. A Mom’s Life: Works For Me Wednesday – Popsicle Drip Catcher Dang. None of us has an excuse for popsicle drips anymore. Kids want a dog? Answer these 5 questions first. We’re new dog owners ourselves and are in the […]

Bag clips keep freezer pops out of the plastic and lickable

Here’s Wendy’s tip for simplifying freezer pop consumption by toddlers: We’ve just introduced our 2-year-old to freezer pops this summer – the popsicles that come in the plastic tubes. We cut them in half for her (half for Mommy – I’m nursing her little sister, so I need the extra calories, right?), but she still […]