Move sandbox sand with a plastic snow sled

In case your sandbox still needs filling, here’s a back-saving tip from Duane:

I don’t know if this one is too late in the season, or if I’m the only one dumb enough to have done this, but I’ve learned on Parent Hacks to never assume. What did you do with the sandbox sand last year? If you’re like me you saved it. Why not? It’s a pain to get rid of, a pain to buy new, and it’s not like there’s anything wrong with it. So here I am with several very large and heavy bags of sand in the garage (moving 1 is a chore, 2-3 would be impossible), and now I have to get it back outside to the sandbox. Solution? Plastic snow sled. Bag of sand goes on sled, drag sled to sandbox, dump sand. Repeat.

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  1. Laura says

    I’m confused (or maybe just lazy)- why do you have to take the sand out of the sandbox at all?

  2. Sandy says

    Agreed – why would you move the sand? I just leave it in the sandbox. There’s no way I’m moving the sand in and out of a 7’x9′ sandbox! A little bit of snow and leaves won’t hurt it.

  3. ANDREW says

    As long as you cover it, the cats or other animals wont use it as a litter box and it will be fine.

  4. says

    In this case we’re talking about one of those smaller plastic jobbies in the shape of a crab. While it has a cover, I would not want to spend the winter making sure that it has not blown off. Not to mention I don’t want it in the middle of my lawn year round.

  5. Katie says

    Wait- what do you put all the sand in? And how do you get it all out of the sandbox?