links for 2008-07-25


  1. Parent Hacks Editor says

    Our decision to get a dog was years in the making. There was no way we’d get a dog until all of the kids in the house were wiping their own bums and basically handling themselves. With my yougest about to start kindergarten, we felt it was a good time. I grew up with a dog, and the years of friendship and unconditional love I got from him were a highlight of my childhood.

    I researched breeds, but, in the end, got a year-old pup off of Craigslist I just had that “feeling” about.

    This dog is extremely mellow (no barking, no shedding, loves kids, etc.) — we really lucked out.

  2. says

    Those are good questions to answer before getting a dog. I was a terrible pet owner as a child. I loved puppies, but (if I am honest with myself), I lost interest as I and the dog got older.

    I wish my parents would have had a tip that Adrienne received from a fellow blogger at last year’s Blogher conference. She said that parents should require children that want a pet to go through the activities of owning a pet for a month straight before allowing a pet into the home.

    So they have to walk the imaginary dog, put out food and water, clean kitty litters and so forth.

    It has three benefits:

    1. It makes sure that they are committed to the work of having a pet.

    2. It shows them how much work is involved in owning a pet.

    3. It establishes the behaviors necessary in properly caring for a pet.

    If they stick it out for an entire month, then they may just be ready for accepting a pet into their lives.