Label glass baby bottles using dry erase markers

Heather’s smart followup to an already smart hack for organizing bottles of pumped breast milk:

I submitted a hack that you published a few months ago about labeling stored bottles of breast milk with electric tape. Well, I have an even better hack for the same task–and this one is green! If you’re using glass bottles — which almost everyone is these days — just use a dry erase marker right on the side of the bottle. Why didn’t I think of this before?

Of course, keep in mind that it wipes off very easily so if you are traveling with the bottles or taking out several bottles for the day or a trip that you want to use in a specific order, be careful. You may want to use labels in that case.

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  1. Chad says

    Wet-erase markers, similar to those used on overhead projectors, should stay on the bottle pretty well until the bottle gets wet from use or washing.

    Not having tried this myself, you may want to be careful for the first couple times to make sure the ink doesn’t run and stain something. Although, it may be easiest to simply wipe the writing off of the bottle with a baby wipe at the time of use.

  2. monica says

    I used to write on bottles (and still do leftover containers) with a grease pencil- much harder to accidentally remove than dry-erase markers.

  3. Mieke says

    I used to mark them with a permanent marker. They’re not as permanent as you think – especially not on glass. It does stay on very well when handling the bottle, but comes off surprisingly well in the dishwasher or the hand wash.

  4. cs white says

    Would it work just to put a piece of scotch tape over the dry erase writing if you’re traveling?

  5. says

    Like Mieki, I just used permanent marker, but I also used them on my plastic bottles as well. They come off in one or two washes and it stays on (no running) in your bag all day.

  6. Kari Weber says

    Permanent marker (like Sharpie) comes off glass completely clean with a little rubbing alcohol. I used to work at a eyeglass retail store and this is how we mark lenses during manufacturing. To remove the marks for the customer, a simple squirt of alcohol. It would be easy to then put the bottles in a cooler and not worry about the moisture making the ink run or come off. In a pinch, antibacterial hand sanitizer also takes it off due to its high alcohol content!

  7. LeAnn says

    We’ve found that a little nail polish remover will take permanent marker off just about anything, including stainless appliances. I use Sharpie markers to label everything that goes to school or a friend’s house, and I keep a couple of the individually wrapped, pre-wet nail polish remover pads in my bag just in case I need to change a label away from home.