Ice chest “drain” as toddler beach shower

Elizabeth’s creative post-beach de-sanding trick:

With all the camping hacks, it reminded me of one that we use. We live near the Texas Gulf Coast, and nothing is worse than putting a sandy toddler back in a car seat. What works for us is to fill up an ice chest with water from the hose and put it in the back of the pickup (SUV could work too.) Make sure it is an ice chest with a drain plug. When it is time to head home, hang the ice chest over the tail gate, pull the plug, and it becomes an instant toddler shower to clean off the sand. And usually it is pretty warm from being in the sun all day!

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  1. Chris says

    Another great option is to go to the local gardening centre and pick up a sprayer. Fill it with water at the house and it fits nicely in the trunk of the car. It’s not too heavy, so it’s easy to take along. A few pumps of the handle and you have a nice controlled spray to hose off sand and dirt.

  2. J says

    I bought a “Sun Shower” at an outdoor store about ten years ago for 10 dollars. I fill it with water and hang it in the car while we’re at the beach. By the time we get back tot he car, the water is quite warm and there is plenty to rinse everyone off. I’ve also used it on car trips for warm water hand washes before picnic lunches.