11 July 2008

How to fold a hooded towel

Caryn's got a tip for folding all of those hooded baby towels:

I have a pile of hooded baby towels that keep falling over and getting mashed on the shelf. I finally discovered that if I fold the corner hood over the towel after it's folded so the hood part is inside out, the towel stays in place and is easy to grab without it and all the other towels on the shelf unraveling their folds. I start with the hood wrong side out so that it's right side out when I'm done; but for the less particular types either way will work.

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I fold a hooded towel the same way I fold a regular towel, which is not at all. Same for sheets. Just bunch them up and stuff them in the linen closet. My non-folding policy is part of my using time wisely strategy. Towels don't even wrinkle. The only time I might fold them is if things aren't fitting in the closet.

regifter...you are my housekeeping guru!

Folding towels is not that time consuming!

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