Hose + a disposable washcloth = outside bath

Tracy turned lawn watering time into quasi-bath time:

The other night my kids (4 yr old and 2 yr old twins) were playing outside while I watered the grass. Of course one thing led to another and before long they were all playing in the hose getting sprayed down. The fun went on a little longer than we anticipated and bedtime was quickly approaching plus it was bath night. Since the kids were already wet, we decided to have them strip down and we gave them each a Huggies disposable washcloth and had them wash the stink off! They enjoyed the extra time playing in the water as we hosed them off and we got our kids semi-clean before bedtime. While not as good as a regular bath, it did give our kids a decent wipe-down and they had a blast taking an "outside bath." Note: We live in the country so neighbors are far away!

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  1. kate says

    That’s great idea but why not just use a regular washcloth? save some money and create less waste.

  2. Jen says

    I have also done this with the kiddie pool. My friend was in town and her son hated the bath. At the end of playing outside we decided to soap them up and rinse them off with the hose. They thought it was great fun, super easy for us, and her son didnt realize till it was a “bath”

  3. Sharon says

    When I was a counselor at Girl Scout camp, we used to have “shampoo parties” for the kids. We asked them to get into their bathing suits and bring their shampoo/soap (biodegradable, of course) up to the bath house. We’d spray them lightly with the hose, they’d lather up, then we’d rinse them down. A lot easier and faster on those nights we counselors didn’t feel like taking an hour to make sure every kid got a shower.

  4. says

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  5. Chakolate says

    Do you think a country setting is really necessary? Little kids getting naked while they run through the sprinklers isn’t exactly going to shock the neighborhood, is it?

  6. Zed says

    I have had my 4 y.o. daughter take her shirt off to paint or eat a popsicle, and neighborhood boys who are 4 or older FREAK OUT like she is completely nude. I don’t do it anymore, because it is so strong of a reaction.

    Once at the park when she was three, she took off her shirt because she got water on it and I didn’t see her do it right away (taking other child to bathroom). The moms watching her for me told me to get her shirt back on ASAP, because some 7 or 8 y.o. kid was saying lewd things to her and rubbing her chest.

    It’s a different world, Chakolate. It’s a different world.

  7. ikate says

    As a kid we would always vacation at a small lake in Indiana and our nightly “baths” at the end of the dock with floating Ivory soap are a great memory.

    Just this weekend I suggested we bring out our biodegradable soap to the wading pool during our not-quite 2 year olds pre-bed splash down and my hubby thought I was crazy. Of course by the time we got her out of the pool and into the tub she was in complete melt-down mode. Maybe next time he won’t look at me so strangely when I bring it up!

  8. iamme says

    I agree with Kate…why the need for a disposable cloth? it’s the same dirt you would have washed off in the bathtub with a REGULAR washcloth. Sounds like you all had tons of fun though!! maybe next time just grab the baby shampoo/soap and a washcloth ;)

  9. says

    I think this is a great hack. We were given a pack of these washclothes, but I haven’t used them in the tub. It would be a fun “change” to scrub up outside.