Fun kid chore: scrubbing outdoor toys and highchairs with soapy sponges

Kirsten’s tip for turning outside cleaning chores into a fun summer activity:

The recent hack "Hose + a disposable washcloth = outside bath" reminded me of something I did with my children. I received a couple samples of the disposable Dawn dish soap pads that have a scrubbing side and the soap built right in. When it was time for our high chair, booster seat, kitchen stool, and diaper pail to get a good cleaning, I brought them outside on the front walk, and gave each of the kids a pad, and let them clean everything with the hose. They loved the bubbles and playing in the water. In the meantime, everything got a good wash, and I didn’t have to do it in the bathtub. I think it’s time for another cleaning!

No need for a special pad; a bucket with a bit of soapy water and a scrubby sponge will do fine.

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  1. adn says

    Our preschool has “Wash the Toys Days” the last week of every school year. The staff brings out the plastic toys, sponges, Dial soap and a hose.

    The kids love it. From March onward, my daughter was talking about how she couldn’t wait. (I was only worried it was one-time thing from the year before!)

  2. says

    We just did this with the tables and chairs from my daycare. And then I asked for volunteers to help clean the bus and they were pratically tripping over each other to help. Of course, if you ask them to put away toys they don’t seem to hear you!!