03 July 2008

For fewer drips, plop your kid's ice cream cone upside down into a cup

This may be one of those hacks we all do automatically, but in case someone hasn't thought of it and is tired of wiping the ice cream rivulets running down their kids' arms...

From Jamie at BlondeMomBlog:

When I took my girls, ages 6 and 3, to McDonald's for soft-serve ice cream I asked for a spoon and cup so I could "dump" my 3-year-old's ice cream into the cup so she could eat it with a spoon (she tends to freak out as the ice cream starts to rapidly melt). Asking for extra napkins doesn't hurt, either.

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Heck, I do this for myself! :D

some kids may not go for this...just a warning from experience... "NOOOOOOO! WANT LIKE MAMA!!!!!"

I let my son eat from the cone until he gets to where it's all dripping down the cone and his hand. It's at this point that he finally agrees that dumping into a cup might be a good idea.

I also find it helpful for ice cream bars/popsicles or any drippy treat on a stick to cut a small hole in the center of a paper plate and stick the stick through. The plate catches any runoff and the kids love their "ufo pops".

Try using a Marshmallow to reinforce the cone (stale ones work best). When the kid takes forever to eat the cone the marshmallow soaks up the ice cream a bit and prevents the cone from falling apart

I love the UFO paper plate idea.My son 2.5 doesn't like to be messy, but wants to have the cone. This will be a fun one to try.Thx.

I love the UFO paper plate idea.My son 2.5 doesn't like to be messy, but wants to have the cone. This will be a fun one to try.Thx.

Webgenii: I don't get where the marshmallow goes. *scratching head* Could you explain further?

Fill the bottom of an ice cream cone with 2 or three stale marshmallows, will prolong time before the bottom of the cone goes leaky. Thanks Webgenii I do this too. :)

love the ufo plate idea, brilliant!

I've also heard of putting a whopper (malt ball) in the bottom of the cone to stop the drips. And it's a yummy treat at the bottom.
Yay, summer!

As an Ice Cream Shop Owner, please dont EXPECT to get a CONE AND a CUP and Spoon for no extra charge! This is a great idea, however, it drives the cost of the supplies up! Therefore, driving the regular prices up! So many people dont get that! At our store, we offer free sprinkles, if they get their ice cream in a cup! Great incentive! Eat lots of ICE CREAM! :)

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