Colorful pillowcases keep home pillows from blending in with the hotel’s

Tracy! As the mother of a child who must travel with his pillow at all times (and who has called hotels in a panic because of the temporary loss of said pillow), I thank you!

Ever leave your favorite pillow in a hotel room because it blended in with the sheets? Buy some extra pillow cases just for travel in dark colors or strong patterns that stand out from the white hotel sheets and never forget another pillow.

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  1. Samantha says

    That is so funny that you posted this hack. We just returned from a trip to Hershey PA. While we were packing I came up with the same idea. I raided the linen closet for the most non-white pillowcases I could find for the kids pillows. I have lost one too many a favorite pillow to the hotel cleaning staff.