Childproof the garbage can with a piece of electrical tape

Babyproof a trash can with tapeJordan demonstrates that the simplest solution is often the best when it comes to babyproofing:

Our little munchkin, starting at about 9 or 10 months, began to scoot around furniture and the like, pulling herself up to a standing position. The garbage can posed too great a temptation, and soon she was digging around in old cans, pieces of paper and other miscellanea. A small piece of electrical tape works wonders; easy access for parents, and effective childproofing (so far – she’s almost a year now).

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  1. carmie says

    Hrm, that’s a good hack. I just turned ours around to face into a corner and that worked until we could train him to leave the trash alone.

  2. says

    In our case the garbage can has no connected hinge, so turning it around doesn’t work…for garbage cans with a hinged lid though, that can work nicely too.

  3. Alexis says

    Hmmm…I think this would end up being more of an attraction putting blue electrical tape on a trash can – now the toy is even more challenging *and* colorful.

  4. Katie says

    This is a great hack, but I hope you’ll consider recycling your old cans and paper!

  5. says

    This came at a really good time for us: our one year old keeps going to the trashcan (the kind with half a garbage bin and half a blue bin) and pulling cans or frozen juice cans out. Over and over and over and over until I nearly have a meltdown!

    I put a bit of duct tape on it but I think I will also turn it around. I doubt it will foil him for long, but it make it so that I stop contemplating asking the doctor for a few happy pills!

  6. says

    We did something similar with the entertainment center – the glass doors pop open when you push them, revealing the wonders of the DVD player, cable box, etc. I put clear packing tape across the where the doors meet up and it worked well, as long as the big people remembered to put it back or put on fresh tape when they were done.

  7. pixelzen says

    We had a small trash can in a locked cabinet under the sink.
    I also found that those sticky appliance locks work on everthing from garbage cans to closets.

  8. Joyce says

    Our bathroom trash can (from IKEA) has the hinge in the middle of the lid with the toilet brush behind the hinge. There is a small hole in the front – I’m not sure what the purpose is. I took one of the cabinet latches that you push down to unlatch, and used epoxy to attach it to the lid such that it catches in the hole when the lid is lifted. Keeps the child (10 months) out for now. Bonus: keeps the dog out too!

  9. says

    My kid is way to smart for that, that would be defeated within minutes….there is nothing that this kid can’t get into!

  10. says

    On our garbage, the bag hangs over the can and is visible under the lid. We use a binder clip to clip the bag to the lid. It’s easy to undo, but our 18-month old can’t get it open.

  11. Chrissy says

    I was beginning to think there was nothing to keep my 14 month old out of our garbage! He’s a sneaky little guy!

    I am going to try this…wish me luck! Thanks for the tip!