Bag clips keep freezer pops out of the plastic and lickable

Here’s Wendy’s tip for simplifying freezer pop consumption by toddlers:

We’ve just introduced our 2-year-old to freezer pops this summer – the popsicles that come in the plastic tubes. We cut them in half for her (half for Mommy – I’m nursing her little sister, so I need the extra calories, right?), but she still had trouble pushing the pop to the open end. Our solution? One of the small bag clips fastened over the end of the pop. Push the popsicle to the top, fasten the clip, and she is able to manage just fine.

When my daughter was younger, we gave her Pedialyte Freezer Pops when she needed rehydration during an illness. I wish I had known this hack back then. This would also work well for frozen squeezable yogurt.

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