Amazon Deal of the Day 7/31/08: Victorinox Swiss Army Knives


Amazon’s Deal of the Day: Swiss Army knives (your basic camping and exploration staple and the inspiration for the Parent Hacks logo): both usually priced over $50, but today only, they’re $19.99. I’ve got a soft spot for these — I was given one as a kid and it made me feel like the most […]

links for 2008-07-31

SavvyPicks: Best Family Travel Resources – The Savvy Source for Parents Lots of fun links to follow here.

Have kids soap up at the pool shower


My kids have been swimming more this summer than any before. We do this as well…a hack was hiding in our midst! From Chris in Austin, TX: Here’s my favorite summertime “hack”–we swim quite often at our neighborhood pool, usually in the afternoon hours. I always bring shampoo for the kids to use in the […] Family-friendly Twitter Tips

My latest post for is up now: Family-friendly Twitter Tips If you’re still holding out on Twitter because it’s “yet another social networking site,” or it somehow feels to geeky, click on over and see if I can’t change your mind. I spend very little time at social networking sites such as Facebook and […]

Ice chest “drain” as toddler beach shower

Elizabeth’s creative post-beach de-sanding trick: With all the camping hacks, it reminded me of one that we use. We live near the Texas Gulf Coast, and nothing is worse than putting a sandy toddler back in a car seat. What works for us is to fill up an ice chest with water from the hose […]

links for 2008-07-30

How to build a digital wall harp I can’t imagine actually doing this, but I’m sure one of you can. YouTube – Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams In case you’ve never seen it. Thanks for the reminder to watch this again, Kids Off the Couch!

How to teach kids to tell time? Talk amongst yourselves.

Amy, AKA The Lovely Mrs. Davis, asks: I’m looking for ways to teach school-age kids to tell time. Do you or your readers have any tips for this? My 8-year-old is still not great at this and I could use some help. I left this one to the schoolteachers, and it worked out fine, so […]

Ben Gay stops mosquito bites from itching


Itching…burning…irritation. This time, it’s the mosquitos! Here’s Molly’s suggestion: Your post about jellyfish made me think of a mosquito/bug bite soother, an old trick we used in Peace Corps. Apply a tiny dab of Ben Gay to the area and it relieves the itch almost instantaneously. Works like a charm — though it says to […]

links for 2008-07-29

Working Dad: Car trips are a chance to bridge the distance with your kids You’ll recognize a few of your road trip hacks in this Seattle Post-Intelligencer article! Thanks, Paul — you always do great work. DeliciousBaby Journal | Danger For Rent: Car Rental Agency Puts Infant at Risk Debbie continues to report on the […]

The MomSpeak: How to get top resale dollars for your kids’ outgrown clothes


Bargain-consciousness has always been a core value here at Parent Hacks — after all, becoming a parent doesn’t have to mean buying into the crazy gear/toy commercial machine. Hey, we’ve got an entire archive devoted to saving money. So, when FM asked if I’d like to contribute bargain-savvy hacks to a new site, I was […]