Write hours of operation on the membership card

Woo hoo! School’s out! Time to avail ourselves of the local attractions. Kim’s hack is so simple, but makes impromptu museum (or store or library or zoo) visits so much easier:

I can never remember when Costco or the library is open, so I just take a fine-tipped Sharpie and write down the hours of operation on the membership card. Then I know exactly where to look when I want to know when to go.

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  1. Holly says

    Wow, that’s simple and brilliant all at once. I just did Costco, the library, and the kids’ museum. Thanks!

  2. says

    It’s the simple things that make a huge difference! Thanks so much for sharing this hack! It’s great and will also save money on those 411 info calls that cost way to much just to get a phone number.

  3. Annette says

    Genius! Nothing worse than arriving somewhere only to find that it doesn’t open for another hour, especially with a cranky kid or 2 in tow…

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