Woobee blanket summer sale starts today

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Some of you may recall my just-this-side-of-inappropriate gushing last fall about the All-Weather Woobee blanket. About how much I looooove it, and how soooooft it is, mmmm, mmmmm hmmm. Well. Yes. Anyway, Woobee-creator and all-around nice person Heather dropped me a heads-up about the upcoming Woobee summer sale, and I thought you might like to know about it as well.

Super-smart Parenthackers already know: Woobee blankets are not just for the cooler months. I want to thank all you PH’ers who submitted great Woobee Hacks in December showing the cyber world a gazillion ways to use Woobee blankets. So, to encourage you to try a Woobee out during this summer season These Two Girls is having a "Rock Your Woobee All Year Long!" sale with Woobee blankets just $45! Thank you Asha!

Here are a few Woobee hacks you submitted that are great for the summer:

  • Beach and picnic blanket
  • Perfect for the wading pool or beach to block wind from wet skin
  • Car lap blanket – protect bare legs & arms from air-conditioned areas
  • Whale-watching and stargazing accessory
  • Superhero cape
  • Makeshift drizzle-guard
  • Camping gear
  • Protection during rainy sports events

This sale only lasts one week (June 9 -16th) so pick up an extra baby shower gift, too!