Target’s 99-cent reusable tote makes a perfect pool bag

Jessamyn found a good solution for toting pool toys around:

I was at Target in search of new pool toys and a mesh bag to put them in. After looking in a variety of sections I couldn’t find the type of bag I was looking for. I did grab one of the reusable totes all of the stores seem to be selling (I already have the grocery stores’ but Target has one that zips up into itself) and decided to use it for the pool toys figuring I could look somewhere else for what I really wanted. The bag worked great!

I don’t know what its made of but it didn’t seem to get wet and we had it at the edge if the pool, it didn’t fall apart (I was a little worried that it would after it got wet), and it didn’t collect water. There was a neat pocket on the front for goggles (the pocket is constructed from the zipper when it zips shut). It may be my best purchase (and it’s only 99 cents!) in a long time. Now it has been designated the official pool toy bag and I’m going to have to buy more to use as shopping bags the next time I’m there.

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  1. says

    Last year, TRU was selling huge bags like that near their registers. They made a fantastic pool bag because I could put 3 Beach Towels and all of our other pool stuff in there.

    The Target Bags seem to be made out of the same type of material, so they should work well. The larger Target bags seem to have cardboard in the base, so that may not make a good “wet bag”.

  2. Eric says

    The IKEA blue plastic bag also works very well, should you have one nearby. Only drawback is it’s not mesh so clean up isn’t _quite_ as easy, but that’s picking nits, really.

    We brought one to the beach last summer and had a number of people ask us where we got that bag.

  3. says

    I made some reusable bags of our own recently just using old t-shirts that were from events in the past. (school play shirts, race shirts, so on) All I did was sew up the bottom and cut off the sleeves. Then I took a plate and traced the edge onto the neck area and cut that out.

    It’s big enough to hold all my kids swim gear and towels plus their toys. (Not all blown up but flat yes!) A bonus is that when we get home it all goes in the washer. Well except the toys, they go out to dry, but everything else just pops right in the wash and comes out fresh!

    I use the same bags for my grocery shopping and I’ve managed to get all of my groceries in three shirt bags when it would have taken me at least 10 of the normal plastic bags.

  4. says

    I’ll have to look out for those the next time I’m at Target. I also like to use our grocery bags for library books. They’re very sturdy! :)

  5. Annette says

    Trader Joe’s sells great reusable bags – they are colorful and have an oval shaped bottom so they stand up straight. I use them for everything!