Sprinkler hose may be a better solution for toddler lawn water play

Here’s how Tracy tweaks backyard sprinkler play:

The comment about the slide in the kiddie pool (which we also do!) reminded me of the a hack I’ve been using for years. My kids don’t like to play in the standard oscillating lawn sprinkler that goes back and forth up in the air. I’ve found what works great for us is a sprinkler hose. It sprays water as mist instead of a hard stream, many kids can play at once because of the length and we don’t get mushy grass because the water is spread out over the whole lawn.

When my kids were toddlers, both of them were intimidated by the sprinkler’s spray. We found a sprinkler hose hidden in a corner of the garage and it made all the difference.

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  1. says

    Good idea! Sprinkler hose… I remember when we were kids we use to just take the regular hose and yes it was way too strong. But nonetheless very fun on a hot summer day.

  2. ashia says

    Just a potential hack:
    Over the years i have bought a few cheap hoses (and you really do get what you pay for- nozzle never works, hose kinks etc).
    Can’t i just puncture a few holes in it and attach the regular sprinkler to one end for the best of both worlds?