Remove splinters with adhesive tape

Here’s how Maia got rid of splinters without tweezers:

When my children ran barefoot across a patch of fresh beauty bark, they came away with tons of tiny splinters in the soles of their feet. I used a piece of translucent tape (scotch magic tape or the like) to remove the splinters. It also works on the tiny spines from maple tree seed casings, quite a problem here in our forest. I imagine it would work on other impossible-to-tweeze splinters, too.

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  1. Midlife Midwife says

    Another trick that works on “no see-um” splinters is to put a drop of Elmer’s school glue (the white liquid) on the spot, allow it to dry, and peel it off. The splinter comes out with it.

  2. Annette says

    OK, so I haven’t actually tried this out, but I was reading this hack to my husband and he suggested using wood glue, since it bonds to wood. Anyone try that already?

  3. Anonymous says

    Good tip! You can also use duct tape – just lightly touch the tape to your jeans or another piece of fabric (makes it less sticky!) and then onto the splinter area. Works great for prickly things like raspberry canes or rosebushes. And rough cedar fencing…
    What can I say? We liked to climb the fence to get at raspberries when we were kids!

  4. says

    & (as I learned from Moxie and confirmed with my then-3-year-old) if it’s really really in there and your kiddo is scared of tweezers, taping a bit of banana peel over it, inside part against the skin, and leaving it overnight will often draw the splinter out enough that these more gentle methods can then reach it.

  5. Heather says

    I wish I read this before I terrorized my son with tweezers (he calls them scissors!) today!! However, this is great…I’ll definitely try it!

  6. Heather says

    Another option is to let it be and it will fester out on it’s own in a day or two (Oak will burrow in, so you can’t use this trick with oak). If you see a pus bubble, you can squeeze or lance it and the splinter will “float” right out, or it will pop and resolve on it’s own. Many times this is the far less traumatic. Our bodies have thier own wonderful self defence against many of life’s little issues.

  7. Shannon says

    If you tape or secure bacon fat to the area, it will draw the splinter out. Thanks for the other ideas, too.

  8. Papa-sensei says

    Just a reminder, that nasty bugs like tetanus aren’t just on rusty metal items. If you are going to let it work out using these methods, hopefully a dab of antibiotic cream will knock out the germs while you wait.

  9. says

    how to get splinters out of my sons baseball pants. oh and they are white!!!