17 June 2008

Plastic play slide works in the kiddie pool, too

Here's how Duane upped the fun quotient on the kiddie pool:

In the market for a new kiddie wading pool this season? Instead of getting one with a teeny little slide built in, get a regular one and then get a standalone slide, like the sort from Little Tikes. Position it with the ladder on the outside of the pool, bottom of slide on the inside, and presto, instant pool slide. You can still play with the slide on days when you don't have the pool out, too - such as by setting it up in the middle of the sprinkler.

Great idea, however I'd put some non-skid tape on the ladder footholds (if it isn't already there). Kids tend to run around the pool and slide, and I imagine it would get slippery when wet.

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we've done this once or twice - the problem is that the slide will fill with water from the hole in the bottom of it. afterwards, it's hard to get the water out. some old slides have mold growing all in the inside.

True, kirsten, but I find that holds for basically all their outdoor toys. The walls of their play house, for instance, fill with rainwater (however it's getting in!) and despite the drainage holes the water never seems to fully empty.
Same with their picnic table.

My solution to that has been to make a few more holes.

We did this just the other day with my son's slide and his splash pool....several kids in the neighborhood joined in the fun...they had a great time sliding into the pool, and we have one of the taller Step2 slides!

As for draining the water...in most of our "step2" and "Little Tikes" toys, we drill extra holes to let water out...because inevitably they always seem to capture water!

My sister used to do this all the time as a little kid - it was great fun! We are actually looking for one of the slightly bigger slides for just this purpose!

One warning, by the way, is that the bigger the slide the faster the kids are hitting the pool. We came up with the whole "Set it up on the grass and point the sprinkler at it instead" after too many times of my 5 year old going flying out the other side of the pool! :)

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