Family camping hack: Make your own port-a-potty


For the hardcore among you. From Dee. If you are camping in a remote area – meaning no restroom facilities anywhere near you – take a child-size canvas lawn chair, cut a circular hole in the middle of the seat. Use it for a makeshift toilet. If you like, you can dig a small hole […]

links for 2008-06-21

Safe Mama | One-stop child safety, product recall, health and well-being resource for parents Great site. Thanks for the pointer, Amber!

Old diaper bags make perfect beach bags


From the queen of gently-used baby stuff herself, Angie of Freepeats: Here's a hack for ya'… I was at the beach this weekend with my mom. I was about to tell her how much I liked her beach bag when I realized it was my old tote-style diaper bag. The bottle-sized pockets are perfect for […]

“Toy Jail” emphasizes the mutual benefit of sharing

Melissa’s one tactful mom. I love this solution — teaches skills without finger-pointing. Our toddlers are 17 months apart and are constantly competing for toys. That’s a nice way of putting it, right? I’m not a yeller, and I see that sharing is hard, so if things get heated, the toys go into Toy Jail. […]

Family camping hack: Take ‘em fishing!


Jon’s camping hack: fishing! Buy a few rods for $20-40 at a local Walmart. If you don’t know how to fish, Kids Turn Central is a good place to start. To add to the fun, cook up your catch for a shore lunch! I’ve you’ve got tips for taking kids fishing for the first time, […]

For siblings, buy cheapie toys of the same color


From Angeline of Mom Style News: Whenever my kids receive a cheap toy (plastic shovel, $2 hockey stick and ball, funny glasses) they always fight over who gets which color. Also, when one child wants to play with his, but we can only find his brother’s, we spend far too long trying to find the […]