Frisbee as toddler food plate

Tammy’s hack would work well for a birthday party, or during summer picnics:

In response to the My Plate-Mate review, my hack uses the same idea [of adding a “lip” to the edge of a plate] but is uber cheap. Use a clean, new frisbee as a plate — it works great! You can even find them in the small sizes for snacks and side dishes. As a bonus, the kids love the fact that they’re eating out of a frisbee!

Great idea! My only (big) question: is a Frisbee manufactured out of food-grade plastic? With all of the phthalate/BPA concern out there, it’s worth finding out before you use this hack on a regular basis. I sent an email to the Frisbee PR folks, but as of today have heard nothing back.

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  1. Ray says

    You could line the frisbee with a paper plate thus reducing food safety concerns and making clean up easier. Maybe wasteful to use paper plates all the time, but it could work well if you’re eating in the backyard, picnicking or elsewhere that you’d already be using paper plates.

  2. Shawn says

    We have a restaurant here in the state (Maine) that serves kids meals on a Frisbee.. granted they use the classic “basket” paper for a base.. but its a big hit.

  3. JJ says

    This is an especially weird retro-hack since Frisbees were originally for eating off of, until someone figured out they were fun to throw.

  4. says

    You could also line it with parchment, if you didn’t want to purchase paper plates or if the size of the paper plates was too big. Pus, you could immediately throw the frisbees after eating, without having to rinse them off or wipe them down.

  5. says

    also, here’s a thought about what they do in mexico. they actually line plates with plastic bags-you know the type that you put your fresh produce in at the store…then after eating they just take the baggies off and it’s an easy clean up! you wouldn’t want to do this every time if we are still thinking to be environmentally aware, but it’s a good option for occasional picnics and outdoor fun.

  6. Denise says

    I play Ultimate (Frisbee), and it’s a time-honored tradition to eat out of the disc (they also hold a surprising amount of beer, but I digress….). You just stick a flimsy paper plate in your disc and load up. Don’t have to worry about it being food-grade because the paper plate is what touches the food–the disc just gives it stability.