Dreyer’s Dibs: Cool and clean ice cream for little hands

Dreyer's DibsToddlers + ice cream = MESS. Cute, photogenic mess when you’re ready for it, a sticky problem if you’re not. Here’s Kristen’s solution:

I have a 14 month-old daughter and babysit a 17 month-old girl. The other day while walking to the park in 90 degree weather I wanted to get them ice cream for a treat to eat while they played. I was hesitant due to the obvious mess it would make. While walking past the ice cream shop I was halfway relieved to see it closed early that day. I had promised them a treat so I ran into the grocery store and got them Dreyer’s Dibs. They were perfect. No mess whatsoever and the right portion size. Everyone at the park thought I was a genius. I didn’t tell them that it was an accident.

Frozen yogurt tubes stand in for ice cream treats
Popsicle in a Dixie Cup


  1. STL Mom says

    I hate to be the No-Fun Mom, but you might want to check the ingredient list on those Dibs. Maybe they’ve changed the recipe, but they used to be crammed full of trans-fats.

  2. Amy says

    When the ice cream man came to my neighborhood when I was little, my parents would let me get what I wanted then let me eat it in the tub. If we were out, I had to get something that came with a spoon and have it fed to me to avoid the mess. I loved those bomb pops in the tub!

  3. Angus says

    I buy those and I bet you one tub lasts a month, likely more.
    I know we’re not supposed to bribe our kids with food, but one of those little dibs will get my almost 4 year old to do whatever I need him to do.
    Just checked the packaging, 12 dibs contain 0.1g of trans fats, but we’re in Canada, not sure what the US product contains.
    Baby steps people, baby steps.