Apply sunscreen to kids’ faces with a makeup brush

Kristine's clever method of sunscreen application:

We use both the aerosol and lotion sunblock during the summer and we always have problems covering our daughter's face.

The other day, I grabbed one of those cheap brushes that come with face blush and sprayed the sunblock onto the brush.  I told my daughter that this was makeup and proceeded to brush her entire face with the sunscreen.  She actually said 'this feels good Mommy'.  I'm thinking you could also tell a boy (or girl) that you are face painting in case you don't want to go the 'makeup' route.

I followed up with Kristine to ask if she could actually get enough sunscreen on the brush to cover her face properly. Her answer: "We painted it on pretty thickly. It worked great!"

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  1. kyotocutie says

    Or tell your little men that this is after shave or cologne, and “pat” it on.

  2. Michelle Sanders says

    I have used an actual makeup sponge for this as well. Telling her it is makeup also worked (little girls are so girly, isn’t it great!), for me. I use the lotion so it clings to the makeup sponge fairly well. It helps to spread it all over and she gets to feel like she is getting Mummy’s makeup!

  3. !!blue says

    I just put sunscreen on my little princess this morning and was wondering of an easier way to apply it on her face than using my fingers! Thank you!

  4. Jen says

    After I read this hacked I used it this morning. The girls LOVED wearing make-up, I used a make-up sponge and both girls held their faces up high and still to look so pretty like mommy.

  5. ikate says

    Great Hack! I used a variation of this hack today to get sunscreen on my 21 month old. She’s not into make up but loves to play with my makeup brushes (or any paintbrush, for that matter). I just cleaned my foundation brush so I grabbed that and used lotion sunscreen. I gave her my blush brush and while I painted the protection onto her face she gave me a “makeover” of my own! She loved it and I got great coverage (no dreaded pink spots at the end of the day showing me where I missed!)

  6. Boston Jenn says

    My 2 yr old son loves to watch Dad shave with an electric shaver. We bought Baby Faces 50 spf sunscreen in a stick solid. We hand it to him and he pretends to shave just like Daddy.