Parent Hacks admin: Back from vacation

We just got in from almost two weeks of vacation in Northern California. There was hiking, a ropes course, parasailing, eating, visiting friends and family, exploring caverns, swimming, conversation, going to the playground, and a two-day drive from and to Portland. I discovered a few things while away: My son, who’s historically afraid of heights, […]

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Kids Meal Crowd: Corral the Crayons A crayon coinpurse! Thanks, Danielle. Flying with a toddler « PsychMamma One mama’s collection of tips. Thanks, Dawn! Netflix Community Blog: Profiles feature going away If you use Netflix Profiles to keep track of your kids’ DVD wants, note that the feature is ending Septermber 1. Thanks for the […]

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Perfectly Normal: We Do Normal… Perfectly!: WFMW: Cradle Cap Solution T/Gel shampoo + oil. Check it out. (I just found some cradle cap on my daughter’s head last night…she’s almost 5. ???)

Give babies their shots while they’re strapped in their car seats

Rabia’s tip for making infant immunizations go a little easier: I discovered this by accident when my son was small. I took him to get his shots at the doctor’s office. The nurse came in while he was still strapped in his car seat. I asked if she could give him the shot that way. […]

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38 Tips to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Stress Free When Seeing a Doctor Common sense tips for medical appointments. penny carnival: My baby does housework A pan full of water in the middle of the kitchen floor = 20 minutes of happy toddler entertainment. Thanks, Megan! Vicky and Jen “What Really Matters”: 100th Blog […]

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Students Plant the Seed This group is working toward “greening” the college admission process — saving tons of paper. Tips for backpacking with a baby – And I thought car camping was brave. Family Focused Fun: Tent Camping More camping-with-kids tips! Thanks, Jamie!