Parent Hacks admin: Back from vacation


We just got in from almost two weeks of vacation in Northern California. There was hiking, a ropes course, parasailing, eating, visiting friends and family, exploring caverns, swimming, conversation, going to the playground, and a two-day drive from and to Portland. I discovered a few things while away: My son, who’s historically afraid of heights, […]

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Give babies their shots while they’re strapped in their car seats


Rabia’s tip for making infant immunizations go a little easier: I discovered this by accident when my son was small. I took him to get his shots at the doctor’s office. The nurse came in while he was still strapped in his car seat. I asked if she could give him the shot that way. […]

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38 Tips to Keep Your Kids Entertained and Stress Free When Seeing a Doctor Common sense tips for medical appointments. penny carnival: My baby does housework A pan full of water in the middle of the kitchen floor = 20 minutes of happy toddler entertainment. Thanks, Megan! Vicky and Jen “What Really Matters”: 100th Blog […]

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