Wind-up LED flashlight needs no batteries…so is perfect for kids

Kirsten’s flashlight recommendation is perfect for summer campouts, fort play, and persistent bogeymen:

My kids love flashlights, and tend to forget to turn them off, thus using up lots of batteries. I received a pocket-sized LED wind-up flashlight as a gift. My 4 y/o son promptly took it over, and I realized that this is the flashlight for him! No batteries needed! He just winds it up himself, and if he leaves it on all night, then that’s OK–just wind it up again next time you need it. It is also just the right size for the kids (ours are from L.L. Bean, but I’m sure you can find them in many places) We liked it so much, that we bought another one for our daughter to use. Besides being kid friendly, it should come in handy in an emergency.

We have two of these (one for each kid) — we love them. Good to keep in the car, too.

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  1. Christa says

    It’s a great idea, however our friends child was afraid of the winding noise.

  2. says

    We bought our kids solar powered BOGO flashlights; when you purchase one, one is donated on your behalf. Our kids chose that their flashlights be donated to kids who can use them to do homework at night, rather than use potentially dangerous kerosene heaters. A nice way to introduce charitable thinking, plus: no batteries to buy.

  3. says

    Asha, we have this exact same flashlight and both my kids LOVE it.

    My son (5) was notorious for leaving his battery operated flashlight on. The new one has eliminated the heartache of a flashlight that no longer works.

    Now if we could only replace the battery operated flashy-eyed walking Godzilla toy operate with a hand cranked one…

  4. says

    A coworker (with 6 kids) once told me that flashlights were the perennial stocking stuffer at his house at Christmas. Every year, every kid, flashlight. Cheap, fun entertainment that they’ll typically get bored with long before the batteries run out.