Use Twitter to keep up with family members

What better time to share a Twitter hack than on the heels of my public admission that I've joined the Twitter herd! A great one from Sara:

I've started going on the occasional business trip again, and my husband came up with a great way to keep me involved with what's going on at home — he's twittering regular updates on what he and my daughter are doing, and I'm getting them piped to my phone. It's a neat way to stay involved (and keep worrying — "oh, no, it's 9:30 and she's not asleep yet!?!").

We also use twitter for "ambient intimacy" with my sister who lives outside of Istanbul — it's a great tool for families to keep up with one another.

You can set up protected Twitter accounts that aren't visible to everyone — only the people you allow in. Good for this purpose.

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  1. Stu Mark says

    Too bad Twitter has that short character limit. Would be cool if you could Twitter the hacks. Maybe u could Twitter a condensed version of each hack? U could use text-message shorthand (what’s the geek term for that?) and for hotlinks to the actual hacks.