28 May 2008

Um, can I be your hero? Your BlogHer hero?

Has Parent Hacks improved your life, your outlook, or, at least, your afternoon? If so, may I humbly ask a favor: would you consider nominating me as your BlogHer hero?

BlogHer and Wiley have teamed up for this contest, and the winner gets a free trip to the BlogHer '08 conference. Even though I'm embarrassed to ask (because, really), I'm going for it anyway because BlogHer is a fantastic event and my travel budget is feeling the $4-per-gallon pinch.

Thank you, Parenthackers -- I would be so grateful. Here's the nomination form, and the contest closes on May 31.

(If I win, I may have to buy that Wonder Woman cami set I've had my eye on since Mother's Day.)

Your comments

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What is your web site and email?

Did it. Hope you win!

THANK YOU, thank you! Greg: web site is the Parent Hacks URL (www.parenthacks.com) and my email is asha@parenthacks.com.

And gladly.

Thank you for this website which my husband calls ParentCrack because he always catches me here!

I've had my eye on that cami set too!

Good luck- hope you win!

Does the cami come with a golden lasso? What about an invisible plane?

Going to vote for you now.

ShellyWelly: ParentCrack! Hilarious. I may have to change my business cards!

Dallas: If only. That lasso would come it handy in the parenting department.

PS. Feelings of appreciation are overtaking feelings of embarrassment. You folks are the best.

I thought the lasso was for the bedroom (blush)!

I loved Wonder Woman as a girl. DH and the boys bought me Season 1 on DVD and I was horrified how bad the show really was! Even as young elementary schoolers, however, my boys were transfixed by her, but they didn't get why she ran around fighting crime in her undewear. Which is a long-winded way of avoiding the question: is it wrong for a 40-year-old woman to covet this set for her birthday?

Never mind.

I'll go check out the contest. I'd love to meet you at BlogHer! Also, some Momformation love is headed your way this weekend. I'll alert the judges!

You have been my hero for a long time. I'm happy to go public about it.

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