Tie tank top straps with with hair bands to keep them from sliding

It’s approaching 100 degrees in Portland today (!), so Beckie’s summer clothing tip comes at the perfect time for me and mine:

I found a way to hack my daughter’s tank tops. The spaghetti straps on her tops were always slipping down. So I found if you take some smaller hair bands, and tie off part of the straps, they magically stay up!

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  1. nicole says

    Great idea, although, if the straps are long enough, I usually tie a little knot on the top of the shoulders. It’s cute and you don’t have to use a rubberband or anything…

  2. Annette says

    Or you can use a fun ribbon and tie the straps together in the back – also works for bathing suits!

  3. says

    In a pinch you can also use those twist ties you get at the market. Those are so useful for so many hacks – and Free!