Smelly diaper ointment reveals “stealth poop”

Heather discovered that original Desitin ointment has an unexpected benefit:

Three of my kids have had GI issues that have at times resulted in what we call ‘stealth poop’ – that is, no odor or very mild odor.  Usually, those poops are high-acid and therefore BURN. The longer
they’re in contact, the worse it gets (toddler diarrhea can do this as well, and they tend to hide and avoid letting us know they need a change because they know the cleanup will sting a bit – and sometimes really hurt).

I discovered that a good layer of Original Desitin has a bonus function – it does protect the skin pretty well (the creamy version is too thin for GI problems in our house, and they say it also stings if they’ve got a burn). But also, if they pee or poop with a thick layer of Desitin already applied, I can smell the fish oil in the ointment, even if I can’t smell anything else. That gives me the warning I need to get them changed pronto to keep the damaged skin clean and protected.

If you’ve ever had a child who would hide poop, or if you’ve encountered the stealth poop issue, switching to the original Desitin may give you an additional olfactory cue to work with.

I’ve found that original A&D ointment (in the yellow and brown box) also has a unique smell, and would likely act in the same way.

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  1. Anonymous says

    My daughter had the same problem…very caustic BMs. Try Ihle’s Paste from the pharmacy. It is the best barrier cream I have ever used, and the only one that stays on after the diaper goes back on. It has a lot of starch in it and so is very thick. A good slathering of this and no more rashes.

  2. Deborah says

    This works great. Unless you’re child is allergic to something in Desitin and it makes the rash worse due to it. Always check a spot for allergic reactions before using something on larger areas. A&D is a great alternative for Desitin.

    My kids where allergic to Desitin but not A&D.