Rotating toothbrush relieves teething pain

From Joyce:

My son is 6 months old and has two teeth and is working on two more. He’s at that age where he explores everything by sticking it in his mouth. He was curious while I was using my rotary toothbrush, so I rinsed it out and let him hold it. He promptly put it in his mouth. I expected him to be appalled at the rotating brushes, but it seems to massage his gums and make the teething hurt less. Now he wants to use it every time I brush my teeth, so I’ll be getting him his own. It solves two problems: the current teething pain and the future need to instill good dental hygiene.

A good hack as long as the parent handles the toothbrush.


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    Another cautionary note: our dentist made a point to tell us not to use our brush heads on the kid’s mouths, since we have bacteria in our mouths that cause decay that little people do not. We use the same hack, but have a toothbrush with multiple heads and make sure to switch to theirs before they brush.

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    What a great idea! I found a little white tooth peaking out of my 6 month olds gums. He is drooling buckets! If anyone finds an eco-friendly version I’d love to know as well.

    I just found this blog ans came from baby cheapskate. Fabulous!

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    Melissa – Most toothbrushes are BPA Free. BPA is typically found in hard, clear plastics. Mechanical toothbrushes are rarely if ever made of clear plastic, I would guess it’s an effort to hide the mechanics of it.

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    I have found that the bristle heads on Colgate kids electric toothbrushes are softer than the bristles of the OralB or Crest kids electric brushes, if you wanted a softer bristle for gums as well as teeth.

  5. Jill says

    There is a vibrating teething toy that would give the same sensation, but is safe for babies.

  6. Erin says

    My daughter is getting in her back teeth and likes to rub a tooth brush on her gums. If I can tell she is particularly in pain, I put a small amount of oral pain reliever on the brush. This works well – I don’t get bit by sticking my finger in her mouth and she seems to know exactly where it hurts the most.