30 May 2008

Preggo non-alcoholic margaritas (because calling them "virgin" margaritas doesn't make sense, does it?)

In: Mealtime

The pregnant and nursing mamas of the world thank you, Annette! A delicious non-alcoholic margarita only requires one simple substitution:

I absolutely LOVE margaritas. However, as I have a nursing 10 month-old and am 13 weeks preggo, I have basically been dry for almost 2 years now. Well, after yet another unsatisfying virgin margarita (basically lemon Kool-aid), I made a wonderful discovery: if I replace the booze with sparkling water, it adds almost the same little dry bite as the real thing. Freaking out my in-laws is just a bonus...

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Now if someone could come up with a drinkable "virgin" Bloody Mary, I'd be in heaven.

LOL! Love it! I'm hoping to get pregnant sometime this summer. This will definitely make those summertime barbeques a lot more fun. I've got inlaws I like to mess with too. ;)

This really takes me back! I used to pour a glass of wine for myself and just smell it. Occasionally I would sip about a 1/2 teaspoon and swill it around a little too. Good times.

I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and I am hosting a Sex in the City party tonight. I cried a little as I was mixing up the various pitchers of martinis last night. My hubby had to be my official taste tester. I did read however that substituting club soda for alcohol in most martinis produces favorable results. At least I will get to hold a pretty cocktail in my hand :)

I have no idea why, but virgin margaritas helped my morning (more like all-day) sickness with all three pregnancies.

Nice! Another "unleaded" drink I've enjoyed a lot: fake mojitos, made with sparkling water, a little apple juice (instead of rum), and fresh mint or basil. Blissful.

SutraT: the mojito recipe sounds yummy - I'm trying it this weekend!

@carmie: Re a virgin Bloody Mary, if you are even in or near San Francisco, you must get a "Virgin Mary" from the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building. Most delicious and very drinkable, and it comes with a pickled carrot and green bean - mmmm... now I'm craving one!

We call them Mamaritas!

HA! I totally had a Sex & the City party too, with two preggo friends and we totally whipped up Virgin Cosmos replacing the vodka with either ginger ale or no-name Diet 7-up (not as sweet as the real deal, and almost a wee bit bitter like the vodka would've been!) They were totally delish and I couldn't even tell the difference between mine and theirs!

i love this idea. i drink the lime flavored "virgin" margaritas, and i have found that it helps me with my nausea. i was completely suprised, it workes wonders for me. all i do is blend the lime flavor and ice, than drink. yum yum

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