Pop-up winshield sunshade keeps car seat cool

My least favorite thing about summer is the inevitably burning hot car seat. Those tender little legs, that superheated metal…ugh. Here's Dana's solution:

Straight from the state of Florida…we keep our baby car seat cool with one of those foldable popup windshield sun shades placed over the seat. They fold down small enough to keep in the pocket of the passenger seat…and the best part…they fling open with just one hand. So I scoop up the baby, unfurl the sunshade, and toss it over the seat. Then loading everyone back in is just as easy…I can just scrunch it down while I get the baby strapped in and then it's just a couple of twists to get it put away. Plus, these generally come in packs of two…one for each car seat!

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  1. Holly says

    Oh man! What a great idea!!! Woo hoo!! Almost-3 has been complaining every time we get in the car (whether it’s been in the sun or no) that it’s just too hot, mama, it’s burning up my little leggies. (I kid not). This is fantastic! Thanks, Dana! Super!

  2. says

    Great idea!

    We had those black shades that stick onto the window with a suction cup… that never stays. We found it works better to just hand the “black thing” to our son and let him hold it and play with it. Keeps the sun out of his eyes better, and he loves having the toy.

  3. Alicia says

    We keep the “winter” blanket in the car year round. This way if it is a cold night, he has a cover-up but more importantly – when we get out of the car seat, we cover up the buckles with the blanket. It keeps the sun off of them, preventing any burns!

  4. says

    I tried this and it really works wonderfully! I only paid $8.99 for the 2 pieces and they fit perfectly over the 2 car seats.

  5. Nancy says

    We do both the blanket and the sunshade, and always try to park the car so the sun doesn’t shine in on the carseat side. In addition, I keep a baby washcloth in the car to place between my little girls legs before I put the buckle against her, just in case it’s still hot. A CA Highway Patrol officer friend says the wash cloth is so small that it doesn’t affect safety in a collision, and it’s just enough to keep the red marks off of baby’s legs.