02 May 2008

Parent Hacks admin: How's the page load time?

Has anyone else noticed that the Parent Hacks home page loads really slowly? I'm trying to speed things up and am noticing a little improvement. Can you give me a reality check -- how's it for you?

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Some of the widgets take a while but there really isn't anything you can do about that. I have the same problem on my site. The rest loads fine.

I'm in widget reduction mode!

It's a bit slow. I would agree that it looks like it's widget related.....

ditto to what Barbara said...not a big issue. love PH! :)

About 8 secs over wireless DSL network. Mainly it's all the ads, etc. Site nav & basic content load fine.

fine for me.

The main (http://parenthacks.com) page loads in 4.51 seconds for me, individual stories load quicker.

Doing a quick check with firebug shows lots of external javascript files loading (the ads), this can slow down page loading because the browser will wait for the js file to download before it continues rendering the page.

Not saying that is exactly your problem you mentioned, or that there really is much of a problem here (4.5 is respectable) - just something i noticed real quick and thought i would pass it along.

Ryan: thank you so much for looking into this. We (who am I kidding...my husband, Rael) also figured that javascript loading was the main issue, and in fact cleaned a bit up. We'll keep digging. Appreciate all the feedback -- I'm glad it's not as bad as I thought.

Not a problem. I am supposed to be doing this kind of work all day long at my job while I read blogs such as yours :-)

Anything I can do to give back a bit for the useful info I get here.

hey asha,
nerd alert!
I hit the site 5 times and the avg time was 9.5 seconds to load everything. That included 59-64 requests downloading on avg 291 KB of information. That includes 47 javascript files! BUT, it seemed to load a *lot* faster than that, with your posts continually loading up within 2 seconds, with some of the widgets and ads coming in later. Whatever you've done seems to be working! Very nice

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