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@parenthacks on TwitterI attended BarCamp Portland over the weekend — what an amazing event! If you're even slightly involved in technology (you're a blogger, you're interested in Internet stuff, whatever) you should try to go to a BarCamp (they happen all over the world). It's an "un-conference" where the attendees decide on-the-spot what the agenda is going to be. The talks are great, but the hallway conversation is even greater, and I met a bunch of fascinating folks there.

I could go on and on, but the point is that I was also (finally) convinced (by Jason Glaspey of Unthirsty) that Twitter is a Good Thing. I've been a Twitter member for over a year, but have Twittered a total of once. Well, now I'm in the mood for an experiment and am giving it a shot.

FYI, I'm on Twitter @parenthacks. I'm not sure what I'll say there, but I'm thinking I'll use it as a "back channel" of sorts — a place to toss observations and musings that don't make sense to put here. Seems like a fun way to carry on a conversation outside the deluge of email, too. This may not help my information overload problem, but what the heck. I'm game!

All newbie tips welcome.


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    I’m a regular Twitter user and I have to say I love it. It keeps my husband and friends updated when I’m out and about. As well as vice versa.

    I also use it as a daily digest sort of thing on my blog. It posts all my tweets on one post. Whenever I get the chance, I go back and try to write what I was talking about so my visitors would understand what I was talking about.

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    I like the idea of Twitter, but don’t have a single friend who uses it. In fact, a lot of people I know are annoyed that I spend time blogging instead of sending them personal email. It makes me sad that most of my friends and family aren’t as web geeky as I am…

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    I just joined twitter this week. I am really liking it, but out of my over 170 facebook friends, less than 10 are on twitter. Maybe this is good because many of those on twitter are the kind of cutting edge people who you want to follow.

    I really wish I had heard about the bar camp before now. Do you know if one will happen in Portland again?