07 May 2008

One Binder to Rule Them All: Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer

I'm an on-again-off-again Flylady member. If you're not familiar, Flylady is more than just an online community of women trying to get a handle on housework -- it's a movement. The basic idea is to create standing routines for everything from cleaning the house to getting ready in the morning to running errands. The homemade manual for such an operation is a control journal, a binder of lists and routines and contact details and schedules all in one place.

Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer: A One-Stop Planner for Busy Moms is like the control journal's modern, stylish friend.

This three-ring binder is the brainchild of Amy Keroes, founder of Mommy Track'd, a website geared toward working moms. She knows busy (as do we all, jobs or no), and she polled all the moms she knew to come up with a simple collection of calendar pages, contact details, planning references, and tear-out lists, all separated by tabbed pocket dividers. This is a binder meant to live on the shelf in the kitchen, somewhere near the phone, so everyone in the family can get access.

Even if you don't fill out each page from cover to cover, this book offers a great blueprint for getting organized. Just seeing spaces for writing things down encourages you to write things down instead of cluttering your head with an impossible mass of details.

Win it! Who would like a copy of Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer to call their own? You of course! Just answer the following question in the comments, and I'll pick one lucky winner at random tomorrow at 5pm!

Flylady says: you can't organize clutter. What's one piece of clutter -- physical or emotional -- you've gotten rid of recently?

I recently took a huge box of old books to Powell's to sell. Not only did I free up space in my house, I got money back! To spend! On more books! (Now that I'm such a library goer, I plan to use my windfall on gifts for friends.)

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We are pregnant with our second girl, possibly last child, so we are now clearing out the 2-3 55-gal tubs of old boy clothes from the attic. So we can clear more room for other things we hold onto "just in case."

Mine is also books. I finally came to terms with the fact that I just was never going to read them again - I have too many new ones to get to!

I have been working on our basement, it has piled up like crazy and it is great to be able to walk around down there and know where things are!

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