07 May 2008

One Binder to Rule Them All: Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer

I'm an on-again-off-again Flylady member. If you're not familiar, Flylady is more than just an online community of women trying to get a handle on housework -- it's a movement. The basic idea is to create standing routines for everything from cleaning the house to getting ready in the morning to running errands. The homemade manual for such an operation is a control journal, a binder of lists and routines and contact details and schedules all in one place.

Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer: A One-Stop Planner for Busy Moms is like the control journal's modern, stylish friend.

This three-ring binder is the brainchild of Amy Keroes, founder of Mommy Track'd, a website geared toward working moms. She knows busy (as do we all, jobs or no), and she polled all the moms she knew to come up with a simple collection of calendar pages, contact details, planning references, and tear-out lists, all separated by tabbed pocket dividers. This is a binder meant to live on the shelf in the kitchen, somewhere near the phone, so everyone in the family can get access.

Even if you don't fill out each page from cover to cover, this book offers a great blueprint for getting organized. Just seeing spaces for writing things down encourages you to write things down instead of cluttering your head with an impossible mass of details.

Win it! Who would like a copy of Mom's Ultimate Family Organizer to call their own? You of course! Just answer the following question in the comments, and I'll pick one lucky winner at random tomorrow at 5pm!

Flylady says: you can't organize clutter. What's one piece of clutter -- physical or emotional -- you've gotten rid of recently?

I recently took a huge box of old books to Powell's to sell. Not only did I free up space in my house, I got money back! To spend! On more books! (Now that I'm such a library goer, I plan to use my windfall on gifts for friends.)

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I just got rid of the bassinet that had been taking up space in the garage. I can now walk between the two cars to put my son in his car seat!


There were empty milk cartons and liter bottles cluttered all around the kitchen. I cup them up, and turned them into watering funnels for the orchard and garden.

Speaking of books, we recently got rid of our old college texts that we kept thinking that we would use them as references...NOT! So, finally, after being in boxes since we've been married and having been moved to 3 different states, they've finally found a resting place - some in other ppl's homes thru freecycle and some in the dumpster.

I got rid of a bunch of jeans from before baby #1. I had been about 103 lbs. Now, 10 yrs later, 2 children happier, and 30 lbs heavier, I will never fit into those again. That was very painful to come to terms with, but I am healthy and happy. When I finally admitted this to myself, I gathered them up and gave them to "the skinny girl" in the office. I feel better that they aren't hanging in my closet taunting me!

We're moving on Monday to a house half the size of the one currently. I purged baby clothes and items I was going to eBay (who has time anymore and eBay isn't the great deal it used to be), books got donated, my closet got a huge purge, I sold the 36" TV and an entire rack of electronics that my husband NEVER thought I'd part with and I've sold or donated hundreds of CD's, videos and dvd's. I consolidated all my media on my iMac, converted it all to mp4 or mp3 and now instead of taking up shelf space it lives in a 1 terrabyte MyBook hard drive on my desk (with another as backup).

I got rid of 3 truckloads of "I'll have a yardsale someday."

2 weekends ago I went through my boys' closet and packed up all the outgrown clothes and games. Donated the clothes and gave the games to neighbors. Hardly seems to have made a dent.

In the last week, I have managed to give away the maternity clothes I've been holding onto for nearly five years (despite the fact that I know I don't want any more children) and a whole bunch of miscellaneous baby-and-kid-related clutter -- you know, those odds and ends like shoes that are too good to throw away but not nice enough to consign, the old bath toys your kids no longer play with, the miscellaneous dishes, sippy cups, spoons, etc. I still have a lot more clutter to go, but just off-loading that pile made me feel pretty good.

We are currently de-cluttering our garage. We moved to this home almost two years ago and still have boxes to unpack and storage shelves to build. But with the arrival of spring we are now out there in full force!

We gave away a box of fancy kitchen appliances that are only used occasionally (for us the crock pot fits into this category.) Rather than trying to fit our life to the appliance, it is nice to have the counter and cabinet space to enjoy the style of cooking we really do.

I just took two large boxes of miscellaneous records from my pre-married life (more than ten years ago) to the shredders on a free shred day! I also donated two garbage bags full of my clothing to a local charity. Still working on decluttering, though.

I finally realized that saving cardboard boxes has made my home office look like hobo land. So I broke them all down and took them to the recycling depot at the grocery store because our sucky town doesn't do curbside.

I just went through all the kid/baby toys and clothes for a toy and clothes swap that my Moms club put on, I got rid of a bunch of stuff we don't use any more and came home with just a few things that we do use plus it was a ton of fun to spend the evening with my Mom friends without the kids!

We just did a giant purge of clothes. It was nice to see an organized closet instead of an explosion of messyness!

I recently unloaded a bunch of old magazines. It's so hard to part with those things! I keep a binder with pages of the best ideas, but getting around to doing it is always a chore. I have good intentions of doing it right away after I finish the magazine, but never do.

We just moved to a different state from PDX :( but we sold boxes and boxes of books to Powell's. Like Asha, we got a gift card that we'll use for this year's Christmas gifts.

We used to have a commercial-quality scanner from a previous job and one day it broke. It wasn't worth fixing it, but instead of trashing it, my husband took the thing apart and kept about 60% of the various pieces. I FINALLY convinced him we have no use for the metal rods and glass plates and tossed them in the trash.

I cleaned out my closet - I still had clothes from my working days and from right after college (it's been 15 years). It felt good to donate and purge all those clothes & shoes.

I'm going to be doing a huge purge soon. I'm starting with a few books and moving on to shoes I haven't worn since before I had kids! And my oldest is 5!!

I had a box of books that I wanted to sell and a bag of clothes that I wanted to donate to goodwill. They sat in the corner for 3 months... but I finally forced myself to run those errands and get rid of that clutter!

Okay, technically this clutter isn't gone yet but it will be within the week. I have a walk-in closet overflowing with STUFF. You open the door and it literally starts falling out. I have been chucking the STUFF in there for almost a year, waiting for our annual La Leche League charity yard sale. The good news is that the sale is less than two weeks away, so it's all going to be gone within a week. I will reclaim the "black hole closet of doom" and help out a good cause at the same time.

Of course next month I will probably have to start a new pile of STUFF for next year's sale. *sigh*

We are in the process of moving to a new home, so as I've been packing/unpacking, I've been asking myself "do I really need this?" I have already taken 2 huge loads to Salvatioin Army!! It's been fabulous!
This organizer would be wonderful!
Thanks for offering!

I just cleaned out all the crap in my home office, including way too many books I'll never look at again. It was so nice to organize at least one room! I'd love to organize the rest of my life.

At work, I was forced to change workspaces. I actually got a larger space, but I went through the plans and brochures and conference materials and discarded lots of it. The most interesting was taking the long roll plans (20+ feet) and trying to feed them through the large scanner. It worked! and I got rid of 6 of the long rolls. Now I have my desk clear of clutter even if I'm still choking on clutter at home with the new baby.

Don't enter me in the contest but wanted to add that I love mine. I use it just for the calendar and week at a glance feature. It's really somehow helping me keep on top of stuff.

This declutter is decidedly emotional: Recently, I looked at my beautiful son with the dancing eyes (who happens to have been adopted) and tossed out the notion that *all* of his behaviors which concern me are adoption related. HUGE load off my plate and heart. Now, I feel like I'm finally ready to parent him and to be an honest parent to him.

I just gave away a ton of 3-6 month baby clothes (my daughter is 2.5 yo now), some craft supplies I hadn't touched in 3 years. And I'm getting ready to give the stroller and swing to a friend. Whew! It's physical clutter, but my mind feels lighter.

Now that my daughter is nearly 4 years old, I finally decided that it was time to sort through the toys and clothes I had been saving "for the next one." I priced and tagged everything, and sold most of the items at our MOPS Consignment Sale this spring. I earned enough money to purchase my daughter's entire summer wardrobe! In fact, I even had enough left over to treat myself to a full-body massage! How cool is that!?!

We're expecting baby #2 in June, so I finally got rid of all my smaller-sized clothes that I was keeping in our guest room closet (which will become new baby's closet). It was good to come to terms with what size I *really* am.

I killed two birds with one stone and got rid of something that clutters AND is an environmental waste. I just bought my canvas sacks for the grocery and goodbye to all of those extra plastic bags taking up space in my pantry!

I've done Flylady before and I would LOVE this organizer!

I just sold an old chandelier on Craigslist.

I have been sorting through my daughter's clothes this week. I have one (more) plastic tub filled with things she's outgrown that I'll be keeping, and a large plastic bag full of clothes that were lent to me to begin with that I'm going to return. I'm hoping to send the bag home with the lender this weekend at her birthday party. :)

Good-bye baby clothes!

In the process of having our house built myself, my husband and our two children moved into his parents house. We rented a huge mobile storage unit that sits in the yard with a lot of our stuff in it. Now that we are in the process of moving into our new house, I realized how much stuff we have that we do not necessarily need. Hey, if it sat in storage for three months and was not missed, how much do we really need it. Except for our bed and our family pictures,I have donated everything to charity. I feel so good knowing that there are people out there less fortunate than myself that now have clothes for their babies and toys and furniture for their children.

toys toys toys...we finally got rid of a lot of our infant toys that the kids no long play with and my partner sorted through her beloved hat collection. I know it took a lot of will power to throw out her hats!

I used Powell's excellent online service to scan in the ISBNs of all our to-go books, get a quote, and then ship them (free!) to Powell's. Which is sadly on the other side of the country from us.

The last year has been an exercise in decluttering - not only our stuff. We bought a house and the seller left a ton of stuff. So I just got rid of a sailboat, a catamaran, and a 40-foot radio antenna.

We had a growing collection of old artwork that didn't really fit our style... mostly hand-me-downs from my husbands parents. They were gathering dust in our basement, and this past week we sold the majority of them at the neighborhood garage sale... the remainder when directly into the car and out to Goodwill. That felt good!

I recently gave all of my childhood toys to my children. So technically we did not get rid of them, but what use are toys when they are in a box in the closet? The kids love them, and even better, I get to remember being tiny and playing with them also.

The feeling that I have to do it all.

What is one paice of clutter that I haven't gotten rid of lately. I have been seriously purging. But I guess the biggest thing is remnant baby items. We are done with babydom and breast feeding. I have had three wee ones and my youngest is finally beginning to walk at 16 months. (She's not behind, she's just lazy: someone always picks up the cute one.) So I finally listed my $200 breast pump that I haven't used in almost nine months on Craig's List and the extra port-a-crib that has been sitting in the entry way since we moved from Oklahoma to Maryland seven months ago.

I gave all of the maternity wear to my neighbor who runs a mission to WV. All of the baby items and kids stuff that we have out grown went there as well.

Sad to see the time go, but excited to be moving on.

I recently parted with my maternity clothes which I have been saving in the event of a 3rd pregnancy. My oldest is now 5yo, and I also have a 2 yo. With the two I already have, I feel that I am extremely busy, exhausted and have not had time for anything else. I don't think I'll be ready for a 3rd...ever. Goodbye maternity clothes :-)

We had to have our house rewired, and while it was miserable, it forced us to clean out every room of the house so the electricians could do their magic. As a result, we seriously pared down the number of toys, since our kids play with about 25% of them - right now the extras are in the basement, but eventually many will go to Goodwill.

Ive given up the idea that life is fair. Not everything is going to be "one for you, one for me." Its amazing how free that has made me - free to say no or even yes if I want to.

I've just ditched four big black bags of baby clothes AND my fat-momma wear. I'm back to my pre-baby size, and I don't plan to ever revisit those days!

Next I'm raiding the kids' baby toys!

I am about to donate a ton of the presents we got for our newborn to charity - she doesn't need more books (we already have a ton), is already too big for some of the clothes, or more stuffed animals, and will never know the difference (neither will the very generous folks who gave them to us). We still have so much stuff from her older brother!

I have started to sell my baby gear. I've been holding onto it and cluttering up my basement but now I can finally see the floor down there!

While unpacking books, I am weeding out ones I don't want. I also cleaned out three boxes of notes from grade school, high school and college courses from my parents' house. (My mom was thrilled. My dad asked me why I didn't recycle.)

Hello, Simply said, if anyone could use help with organization, it is
moi! My family is behind me all shaking their heads "Yes!" Thanks,Cindi

I recently parted with 250 articles of clothing that previously belonged to my almost-3-year-old. It's amazing how freeing that was! I'd love the organizer to help find even more freedom in my life!

We are moving overseas and I had a giant box of my daughter's baby clothes that was going to come with us. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to bring this sentimental stuff with us, we decided to just let it all go to a local charity. It was painful to let it go, but it makes me feel better knowing that someone will get some use out of all those clothes!

I *finally* tackled my craft box. I have a tendency to get excited about a new craft, buy the materials, do it twice, then hoard the bits for, oh... years! But, my genius idea was to move everything that was remotely kid-friendly to my daughter's rainy-day-project drawer. Now, she gets to pick a project for us to do together whenever we're at loose ends for activities. I get the satisfaction of clearing clutter and spending fun time with my girl without totally having to mourn the loss of my stash.

Books! We've purged tons of our books. Now we can actually find and fit on the shelves the ones we really like. Instead of the ones we liked 10 years ago.

I am getting rid (in an ever-on-going process) of the emotional clutter of expecting myself to be my mother.

I just managed to unclutter bottles! Now that my son is eating less frequently, I now have countertop space back.

I got rid of an entire drawer full of dull knives and replaced them with two good knives. What a difference!

I recently attacked my daughter's out of control toy collection!

Just got rid of a bag of old shoes. Still can't see my closet floor, but the wading is shallower...

I'm working with my kids on a "one item in, one item out" policy, especially around birthdays and the holidays. The biggest success was getting rid of their old tricycles and (baby) scooters before we opened the fancy new (big kid) birthday scooters.

Normally I donate things on a regular basis but somehow I still had enough things I'd been keeping "just in case" to put into a friend's garage sale last weekend: clothes, a couch and chairs, an old air mattress, toys, etc. Now I have some lovely empty cabinets in the utility room (well, the furniture wasn't in there, but you get the idea)!

I have finally gotten rid of an over sized table that came with the house when we bought it five years ago.

Let's not forget the value this will have for babysitters and other parenting fill ins...

I just had my 2nd child and I also have a 4 1/2 year old. Well our living room also doubles as a play room. Which is fine with one child but with the baby comes the bouncy seat, swing, exersaucer, play mat. All big baby gear and our living room just can't hold everything - nor do I want it to. So we moved a big bookcase into my son's room and filled it up with all of his toys and books. So now it is almost all out of the living room (except for just a few manageable ones) and we now have room for the baby gear.

I have stacks of papers with recipes on them. I have recently started going through them, trying new recipes and adding the ones we want to keep to a book of our favorites. Slowly but surely we are reducing the pile of papers on our bakers rack!

I sent through all of my son's baby toys (of which there were a ton!), and picked out the 10 I wanted to save for grandchildren. These were all wooden, high-quality toys, mostly made in Germany. I packed them up carefully and then sold the rest on craigslist. My son was then allowed to use $10 of the proceeds to buy himself something new to play with.

I finally got rid of the cat's litter box. Instead, we installed a cat door so he could go outside. What a relief!

I just wrote in my blog about cleaning out my son's room (http://www.lifeslearning.wordpress.com). Today's task is office cleaning and going through winter clothing for a clothing drive tomorrow.

I recently cleaned out the kids closet, finally organizing all the clothes and toys for two of the three kids. I got ride of everything that was too small for the youngest and saved the stuff that was too small for the middle kid.

Junk mail....I signed up with a service that reduces your junk mail and catalogs. It was just as good for the environment as it was for my sanity.

I am becoming a regular at the goodwill drop off. Yesterday my husband and I raided our closet and got rid of some perfectly good shirts that we never wear. There are benefits to having a small house with microscopic closets.

We just cleared out closets and our storage room and took a car full of stuff to Goodwill. My next project to tackle is the pile old videos and DVD's that we never watch.

I am in the process of ridding my closet of all those clothes I might someday fit in again. Someday isn't coming, so it is time for them to go!!

We moved from Alaska to NJ right before our daughter was born & really minimized our 'spacial footprint'...one of the biggest space-hogs was our 'collection' of magazines that we always kept around for 'reference' material. Switching to online subscriptions has made a huge difference in the 13+ titles! As an active duty family, we always try to streamline for our inevitable cross-country moves!

Giant sigh of relief- the torn out kitchen parts are gone from the carport, after a mega dump trip! Now I can actually park the car in there, and not feel like I need a companion car up on blocks in the front yard....

I recently shed 30 pounds of physical clutter - lost all my pregnancy weight plus the weight I gained over six years of marriage and a move across the US... and I'm still losing! My current weight loss has freed me up to have more energy for my active son, my full-time job, and my marriage. Not to mention a healthier attitude towards food, and overall excellent health!

I am actually about to leave the house to take clothes to the Genesis Women's Shelter after cleaning out my closet!

I decided that I would save a ton of time in the morning getting dressed if I had fewer options of what to wear - only keep clothes I enjoy wearing. It makes a huge difference! Plus, the clothes that were just sitting in my closet never being worn will be put to much better use through Genesis.

I recently got rid of a boxload of software manuals for software I no longer have....including Windows 95.

I recently suggested to our credit union to have a SHRED DAY. After several emails, they finally agreed to host one. They were so surprised at the turn out and couldn't believe how much stuff people had cluttering up their homes & offices - especially since identity theft is such a huge problem now days. I've been married for almost 13 years now and we had a ton of old files, papers, receipts, checkbooks, etc. that I was always scared to throw away. So when our credit union held their SHRED DAY, I was able to get rid of about 10 bags full and declutter our attic. It was such a huge weight lifted, not having to worry about someone getting a hold of all of our important papers. Thank you AMOCO FCU!!!

It was estimated that credit union employees unloaded boxes/bags of stuff from about 250 cars during the four hour event, which totaled to approximately more than 15,000 pounds of shredded paper. WOW - now that's decluttering!!!

I finally gave in and decided that all those workbooks, brochures, and resources I collected while training to be a counselor could be retired. LOTS of room now, and thank goodness since there is a new baby with LOTS of stuff to store!

We used to allow the mail to pile up on the kitchen table, pulling out only the things that interested us or required response. Now we force ourselves to either file it, take action on it or trash it.

We wanted to minimize the furniture and clean up our Master Bedroom. We got rid of an entire bedroom set, a vanity and a jewelry armoire. Then we went to Ikea and purchased a new bed and a huge armoire. We cleaned out and cleaned up not just our bedroom, but the linen closet, coat closet AND created a new pantry space in the kitchen all because of our new armoire and getting rid of STUFF! We now observe the "one in one out" rule in our house and we feel like new people!

I am a big fan of decluttering when it comes to "stuff", but a total paper-saver. Bills, receipts, statements - I have them ALL, dating back many years. Having run out of room in the filing cabinet recently, I decided to look at what exactly was taking up all that space before I went out shopping for a second cabinet. That look helped me decide that maybe it was time to part with phone/cable/utility bills from apts and homes we no longer reside in (as well as many other papers that were not worth saving for all these years.

A few hours with a paper shredder and there is no longer a need for a second filing cabinet. Even better, I can now easily see and access those papers which are important enough to save! Hooray for decluttering :)

We're working on the garage. The last major thing to do is a 8 foot long 70s green couch that we inherited from my in-laws, but have replaced. They want it back, but committing to hauling an 8 foot couch from Texas to Virginia is difficult...

I recently cleaned out my kitchen utensil drawers! I was so tired of digging through all the things I never use (pastry blender anyone?). It feels so much better to have fewer items!

Two years after moving our daughter into a "big-girl" bed, we were finally able to get rid of our crib. We had been hoping to pass it on, but it has been quite difficult to find someone willing to take a 12 year-old crib (which is entirely functional but not all that pretty. :-) Thankfully, we found a new owner for it and have reclaimed the space it previously occupied in our basement.

I am 28 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and also have a 3 year old and 18 month old. I decided to go on a cleaning binge (nesting, anyone?) about a week ago, and started by going through the SEVEN rubbermaid toughtotes of kids clothes we have. It became so easy as my oldest outgrew things to just throw them into the appropriate bin that I had a disorganized mess, and when #2 came along they lost even their "sorted by size" criteria. I am ALMOST through all of the bins and have gotten rid of all the clothes that were stained, damaged or just too hideous for my kids to wear! Some went to freecycle, some to the garbage, and some to craigslist. For me, this was an emotional cleanout - getting rid of those cute poop-stained little outfits Grace had worn was really hard - and a physical cleanout - no longer holding on to what I don't need due to some cosmic endebtedness. I have no idea why I kept clothing received as gifts that my kids would never wear, or why the stained clothing had such emotional significance to me. Was my inability to get out stains linked in my head to my feelings of imperfection as a mother? Would getting rid of it be like a confession of my sin or absolve me of my guilt? I don't know - but it feels so much better being ready for baby #3 (as much as one can be!), and letting go of what we don't need/want to move into the future. Now I just need to keep it all organized from here on!

I love Flylady, but this journal just sounds cool. I just decluttered my garage last night to make room for fencing material - how about roofing shingles from the LAST reroofing project (we just had it redone in March, previously it was done 15? 20? years ago?)

I've recently gotten rid of all sheets that aren't a part of a set or that don't fit our current beds. (Really, they were recycled into my husbands work area because he uses them when he paints) So that is great for both of us: I get more space and he doesn't have to buy anything in case of spills when he paints

I finally remembered to take our plastic shopping bags back to the grocery store to put in their recycle bin. And they're staying out, too - I've been requesting paper bags or bringing my own lately.

Talk about clutter!! I cleaned out (with 6 other volunteers -- husband included) my mother's bedroom this week.

8 huge dumpsters full of trash
3 overflowing recycling bins
4 van-loads FULL of donations to Goodwill

I can't say I'm free of clutter myself, but when we bring it in to our homes and allow it to stay, it takes away our quality of life! My mom couldn't even get to her bed because of all the clutter.

I finally let go of the pair of impossibly high heels that I wore exactly twice to late-night parties the likes of which my mommy self will rarely see again. I figure if an exciting event comes up that requires heels, I'll buy a pair. What the heck.

I've been supplying all my friends with new babies all of our old baby gear. It is amazing how much we have accumlated over the last two years.

We also went through the boxes of paperwork that had piled up for the last 2 years - hmm - any connection? and got rid of at least 70-80% of it. I still don't know why/how the junk mail came into the house....

I am gearing up to a MAJOR declutter project...we just purchased a new home and we're moving the stuff from the storage unit in our old town to the garage of the new house over the weekend. Is it bad to have a Move IN sale instead of of the more natural moving sale? LOL Would love this giveaway! Thanks.

I owned my own home-based business and I decided to quit since it wasn't worth my time anymore, I got 2 small children so they need my time more and we don't need this income so anyways. I kept all catalogs, stuff you name it, I got it for the business. I was afraid that I would need it or if someone else would need it, so finally I decided that this is crazy! I posted up on a website where they could buy them if interested, I made almost $300 out of it!!!! And what was left, I recycled them! It left a lot of space open in my cabinets. :) There are a lot more areas that need to be de-cluttered and I'm ready!

I just gave away several boxes of clothes that my daughter and son out-grew. I even got rid of all my maternity clothes and other "fat clothes" that I hopefully will never have to wear again!

I have been in a de-cluttering mood lately! I've been going through all the rooms and either freecycling, donating, or ditching everything I haven't used in a couple of months. It's been very theraputic!

I just decluttered my scrapbooking rolling cart. I had to wonder, "why do I keep buying scrapping supplies when I haven't made time to scrapbook in months?" One reason I wasn't scrapping was because I didn't enjoy sorting through the mound of supplies. Now the new, sparser, organized cart is ready for me in a moment! I have already done a couple of pages of my almost 4 year old DD's birth. Yes. Birth.

I recently gave up/de-cluttered my need to be completely in charge of my world. I've gotten back into stage managing (what I did in my previous life b.c. - before children) and that involved a lot of letting go and letting daddy (and baby sitters) do what needed to happen at home...so I could be completely in charge at the theatre...but I guess thats another issue.

I'm really late to this one (wasn't signing up for the giveaway anyhow) but there are so many great ideas here and I tried a new one of my own this week -- I downloaded Microsoft Reader and bought a book that I have no interest in having a hard copy of. For me this will be limited almost strictly to non-fiction books on "current" topics like politics, humor, or one of the bazillion parenting titles that seem to come out each year. But considering that I've been buying about half of those new parenting titles, I think it will really cut down on the clutter to have e-versions instead of paper versions.

I hated the fact that my closet and dresser were full and yet I hardly had anything to wear, it seemed. Finally I took a long hard look and reconciled with myself that certain styles were not going to come back for a long while, as well as the fact that my pre-baby body probably won't either.

Two things: I just donated all my baby girl's newborn - 9 months clothes to an orphanage in Mexico. Also, I just paid off all my consumer debt. Whew... that felt great!

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