Mini trampoline as baby bouncer

Dana found another bit of fitness equipment that doubles as a baby soother:

I work from a home office with a small baby. I keep a mini trampoline and an exercise ball in my office on the off chance that I might actually exercise during his naptime while I watch streaming TV or listen to podcasts. over the past few months I’ve found them to be more useful as baby calming devices. I see you already have using the exercise ball as a bouncer in your archives, but I also like the mini tramp. I can hold him in my arms and just shift my weight from foot to foot, or do little calf raises, or even more rigorous bouncing. He really likes it, and during those cranky evening hours it made a big difference. While the exercise benefit is probably minimal, it was a nice change from rocking in a rocking chair or pacing the floor.

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  1. Tanya says

    I used the exercise ball too! Found it very easy and soothing for the baby. Especially when my aching back couldn’t take holding her anymore, it was a real relief having the ball – took a lot of strain off.