Lint roller grabs post-haircut stray hairs

Here’s how Kimberley solved the post-haircut itchies:

My little girl complains about going places after she’s had a haircut because of the hair that gets in her shirt and on her back. I don’t blame her — I hate it too and usually bring extra shirts for us to change into afterwards. We had our hair cut the other day and I forgot to bring extra shirts for us to change into after our hair cuts and didn’t have time to go home. As I realized this I had an “aha!” moment. I dug out my little lint roller that I keep in my purse and began to roll away! I first used it on our shirts and then I worked on our necks, shoulders and upper back. I was amazed at all the stray hairs I picked up and how well it worked. No more carrying extra shirts for us!

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