Keep a knife and cutting board at the table during mealtimes to more easily share your food with toddlers

So smart. From Jenny:

To make cutting food for my youngest easier at mealtime, I usually keep a small cutting board (designed for bar prep – about 4×6) and serrated knife next to me. She eats what we do, and our family of 5 almost always eats dinner together, so this makes feeding her much easier than cutting up food before we sit. A serrated knife is a must – nothing cuts things like grapes and cherry tomatoes better.

I like this because cutting food on the plate often mashes things together, and SOME FINICKY KIDS (I won’t name names) like their food presented a little more artfully.

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  1. says

    I love the idea of being prepared for things you do daily… or multiple times daily (like cutting up food). However, I think this only works with kids under a certain age, namely kids who are too little to reach the table. We have a curious 2.5 yr old, and we haven’t been able to leave knives out even on our high kitchen counters for a while, because she carries around her little step stool to reach anything she wants.
    Great suggestion, but with a limited lifespan or high vigilince.

  2. Chakolate says

    I beg to differ – a serrated knife is good, but scissors are better: you can use them one-handed.