Disposable changing pads keep car seats dry after pool time

Amazon: Sassy Baby Changing Pads, 36 Count Allison's post-pool tip:

We were leaving the pool with wet suits and wet towels.  Living one mile from the pool, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to deal with changing clothes at the pool.  The towels were too wet to sit on and actually keep the seats dry but we had some of the disposable changing pads in the back of the van.  It covered the seat and kept it dry.  Let the changing pad dry out and it’s ready to go again.

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  1. genie says

    Not sure if they’re cheaper or not, but the puppy training pads would probably do the same job. Would be worth checking the prices on just in case…

  2. Pam says

    (smacks forehead) This is why I love this site. I was just trying to figure out how to keep a wheelchair dry with a kid in a wet swimsuit all day at a waterpark, and I stare at changing pads all day and DID NOT MAKE A CONNECTION until now. thanks

  3. Allyson says

    Brilliant! I was trying to figure out how to wrestle my 19 month old out of her swimsuit after swim lessons! I love it. :)

  4. says

    I have two “PiddlePad” Waterproof Seat Liners by Kiddopotamus, that I keep on each of my sons’ carseats when we leave the pool or lake.

    I’ve been using them for four summers now and they are still going strong!

    I ordered them through OneStepAhead.com and I think they still carry them. :)

  5. Jo says

    I am due second in 2 weeks and we have just bought a new car. Used simlar thing (supplemented by a folded towel) when we were doing test drives, and now when I am driving – just in case waters break. Hopefully will not be an issue but would be murphy’s law that if I do not protect the seats……

  6. Staci says

    I also use those change pads for a cushion under my son when I need him to ride in the large basket part of the shopping cart. No more complaints that it’s not comfortable, and he stays sitting down!

  7. says

    I like all the ideas, but if you’re coming home from a pool, take advantage of the entertainment value of the pool showers. Wash, shampoo, dry and dress kids (even into pj’s if it is evening) while you’re at the pool. When you get home you’ll be free to take care of yourself.

  8. says

    Great idea. I don’t know why I’d never thought of using those pads for leaving the pool. We used them when my oldest was potty training and had just started wearing underwear. We kept one in the carseat and one in the stroller just in case of an accident and we put them under the washable slip cover on the sofa.

  9. whiskey business says

    Wouldn’t that be pretty wasteful? Try keeping a bunch of those washable polyback mattress savers in the trunk, works wonders for dogs too!! They fold up into nothing, can be machine or hand washed, hang to dry (yay green) and you can get them in a size that goes up over back of the seats too :)

  10. Ashley says

    FYI- I wouldn’t use puppy pads. They have a chemical in them that smells like urine so the puppy will learn to potty on them. Just wanted to let everyone know. But, great idea with the changing pads. I don’t use mine that much anymore and was wondering of other uses for them! =)

  11. Kiera's Mom says

    It wouldn’t be wasteful if you have the changing pads that aren’t disposable. They are fairly inexpensive (3 for aprox. $8 at Baby Depot) and you can machine wash and reuse. Also, they air dry very quickly.