Dilute apple juice while it’s still in the bottle

Here’s how Abbi eliminates arguments over juice dilution:

Although I start all my children on plain water, I have two who simply stopped drinking until I began giving them juice. So apple juice has been a staple in our home for several years now. Of course, we dilute the juice, but it’s hard to measure proportions in a sippy cup, and it’s no fun to rush over to the filter tap when a toddler is screaming for juice. So one day we came up with a great idea: we dilute the juice in the bottle. The benefits: the kids don’t see you dilute, so they don’t make a thing about how the juice tastes different, you control the amount of dilution (50/50, 30/70, or whatever works). And pouring juice is as simple as, well, pouring juice. A minor drawback is that we always have two bottles of apple juice in the fridge, but we’ve learned to live with it.

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  1. says

    Smart tip.

    Just a note about apple juice after dinner. It’s a diuretic, so even giving diluted juice close to bedtime (especially while potty training) can be a problem.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Annette says

    Speaking of diluted juice, I received a coupon from Gerber for those new Juice Splasher things. I was all set to get them for my son until I looked at the label: they’re just juice mixed with water for the same price as regular juice – what a rip-off!! I doubt any of us are incapable of diluting juice on our own…that’s all.

  3. Holly says

    We use a similar trick… rather than buying the water, though, I purchase the frozen concentrates. Then rather than making a quart from the tube, I make a gallon. Voila! It’s nicely diluted juice. We call it wuce.

  4. says

    We do this too, in a pitcher. Works great because one container of Juicy Juice fills up the pitcher a little less than 2/3 and then we put in the water. Then we only have one container in the fridge. HTH

  5. Anonymous says

    I use a jug with a pour spout near the bottom. I add a bottle of juice, then the same amount of water. The jug has measurements on it so I know how much I have added. There is a watered down threshold my kids won’t cross. It’s also long and narrow so it takes up hardly any room in my fridge

  6. Connie says

    I do something very similar. My daughters only get juice that’s diluted w/ water. They hate to see me putting water in their cups, so I have the diluted juice already prepared in the jug in the fridge. The problem: I drink juice, too, and prefer it full strength. The flavor varies everytime I go to the store & my husband never knows which bottle/flavor is the girls’ and which is mine. So, I remove the label off their jug. At a quick glance, we know exactly which jug to pull out.

  7. Julie says

    We’re just back from our son’s first visit to the dentist.
    He’s three and has always had very diluted juice in his sippy cup. The dentist was horrifed at this. She said sipping on diluted juice all day changes the ph in the mouth and is very harmful to teeth.She said the worst teeth she sees are from people who sip one can of cola at work all day. The dentist said juice is fine, but have it all meal times and let them sip water all day. We switched immediately and it’s been an uphill battle, but we’ll persevere…