Cool summer entertainment: pinwheel in front of a fan

Blythe's got the right idea on a hot afternoon:

My toddler and I were looking for ways to beat the heat yesterday (he was sweaty and screamy and I was trying to move as little as possible). I finally came up with a pinwheel toy that fascinated him, and both of us sat in front of the fan for an hour – me, cooling off and being motionless; him, being entertained by the pinwheel spun by the air from the fan.

Pair it with this margarita and you're set!

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  1. Monera Mason says

    I love it. Target has some big pinwheels you can plant in your garden our kids get a kick out of them.

  2. hedra says

    I can remember my mom doing this. It certainly worked for me, but I was sure she was doing it just to entertain and delight me. Never thought twice about how SHE felt about the heat (ah, childhood, so ego-centric)! :)