Bubbles in the car improves everyone’s mood

I want to run errands with Julie. Here’s why:

An instant mood lifter to a crying baby or toddler in the back seat of your vehicle while going on errands…set a ‘fully loaded’ bubble wand in front of the ac vent in your car and a multitude of bubbles blow staight back into the back seat. Of course caution is taken while doing this and preferably not while driving (stoplights always take longer when your child is cranky, don’t they?). It is incredibly easy! It is fun watching the whole car fill up with bubbles, even if for a few seconds.

This could be a fantastic road trip "reboot" as well!

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  1. says

    Our family discovered the virtues of bubbles in the car during our first cross country road trip. Just like with the fan, you can hold them outside the window during stop-and-go construction, or over and updraft from the Grand Canyon (obviously not while inside the car), and more. I heart bubbles.

  2. rosemary says

    we just did a cross country road trip, and this could keep our 3 y.o. occupied for over an hour a time. he can blow his own bubbles, so we just handed him a no-spill bottle and let him have at it!

  3. Meg says

    thanks for this tip! I am taking my 5 month old on a 7 hr road trip to visit family this week!

  4. says

    Ahh, as much as our little guy loves bubbles, I dunno that I’m gutsy enough to do this in the car. Bubbles are great in the bathtub or in the backyard where cleanup is easy. But inside the car? Sounds like a sticky mess in the making…

  5. says

    My daughter is 9, and she still loves to blow bubbles in the car. It’s definitely a way to have fun in the car that also makes the parents smile!

  6. sharon says

    BOO! I thought it was for grown-ups; I could use a “mood lifter” now ! lol

  7. jeanne says

    Regular trips between Portland, OR and Seattle, WA (3 hours) have increased my creativity! Bubbles out the windows work if stop & go or under 25 mph. Puppet shows for the other cars using sock puppets or stuffed animals. “name that tune” (we are all singers). “making snow” (desperation- its a bit messy) cheapo tissues have lots of dust and so tearing it up makes “snow”. “the wiggles” – everyone takes turns picking something to wiggle. “balance game” – everyone (but the driver) takes turns balancing something on fingers or head or foot (you get the point).