Bag clips hold seatbelts during carseat installation

Here’s how Andy and Chris simplified car seat installation:

Installing car seats is a whole lot of no fun, particularly if you have seat belts that automatically retract. We figured out a little hack that makes our car seat installation just a little bit easier.

Many kitchen supply stores sell these clamp-y things used to seal off bags.  They’re perfect for clamping off a seatbelt (holding it in a fully pulled-out state) so that you can install the car seat and buckle it in without having to wrestle with a belt that wants to retract.

It sounds like a little thing, but it has seriously made installing car seats a 5-minute job instead of a longer, testier one!

Just remember to remove the clip when you’re done.

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    Love the site and this article. Is it bad to admit that I usually put it in between my teeth, then feed it through the back of the seat? Well that works too until you can make it out to get the clip.