Amazon Father’s Day DVD sale: up to 50% off hundreds of “manly” movies

I saw the new Indiana Jones movie last week, and, while I was generally underwhelmed by the film, I was perfectly content to be in the company of one of my favorite movie heroes for a couple of hours. This morning, I found myself digging through our DVD collection to find the original, Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I could hang out with Indy in his prime.

Turns out I’m not the only one. Amazon’s having a huge Father’s Day DVD sale, and our intrepid archeology professor/adventurer is at the top of the list.

Amazon’s put a bunch of man-flicks and TV series discs on sale for Father’s Day. You’ll find stuff divided into categories such as Adrenaline Junkie, Techie Dad, and Family Man. They’ve got classics such as The Godfather and True Grit, along with plenty of new stuff, my favorite being Daniel Craig’s kickass James Bond in Casino Royale.

If looking for a gift for a movie- or TV buff, you’re sure to find something good.