Use sheet holder “suspenders” as makeshift bib clips

Amazon: Deluxe Sheet Straps Hack the bib clip! From Tiffany:

Have you seen those cute "bib clips" that are out on the market now? Really cute, and handy to be able to use any towel (or even restaurant napkin) as a bib. But they're a little pricey. Hack it with a sheet strap. Piece of elastic with "grabbies" on each end, made to put under the corner of your mattress and hold the sheet in place – availble everywhere, for a couple of bucks. And those extra prefold diapers and burp rags are great "bibs" with this method, too!

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  1. Alex says

    I think you can just knot a ribbon to 2 hairclips too. Haven’t tried it yet since Miss Baby is exclusively BF still but I am sure I read that somewhere.

  2. Patricia says

    You could also use the similar type of clip you might have leftover from cinching in the back of maternity tops. Be aware that like almost anything child-related, any type of clip with elastic in it should be carefully supervised. The ‘snap back’ factor could endanger eyes or faces. (An elastic band incident nearly caused permanent eye damage to a cousin.)

  3. Ryan says

    We buy paper dental bibs on-line bacause they are so cheap. We get 500 for under $20.00. They open up large and are very absorbent. Attach the clips to the narrow side and your kids will be covered from neck to lap.

  4. Travis says

    I love the idea of the paper dental bibs clipped from the narrow side so that my messy boys are covered during meal times (at least when they have nicer clothes on and always when eating spaghetti or ribs). I have been making them tuck a paper napkin in their shirt collars during most meals, but they don’t always stay tucked in. Thanks for the great idea. I’ll be buying some alligator clips from the hardware store and as you suggested, paper dental bibs are very inexpensive when you order on-line.

  5. Jack T says

    Just started making my 13 year old wear a paper napkin bib at the dinner table. It is the only way to keep him from staining every shirt he has. Also make him spread another paper napkin across his lap. This kid manages to get food stains unless he is wearing 2 napkins. I guess he’ll learn to be more careful if he wants to dine without the bib.