Turn temperature-taking with an ear thermometer into a game of telephone

Shalini turned temp-taking into a game:

After constantly struggling to take my squirmy 16-month old’s temperature with the ear thermometer (he won’t even hold still for the three seconds it takes to get a reading), I discovered that if I pretend it is a telephone and that he’s getting a call (one of his favorite games) he happily sits still for the necessary three seconds. I usually put it near my ear first, talk into the "phone" and then pass it over to him so he can take his "call" while I stick the thermometer in.

Seems so simple, and yet it took me forever to figure it out!

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  1. Monera Mason says

    I like this hack. We taught our girls how to push the buttons so they can “take” it themselves. But I like this idea a lot.