Parent Hacks exclusive: THE CRAZY PARENT WORKOUT!!!!

Hey, parents! Tired of that persistent belly pooch, but too tired to work out? No time to exercise? Parent-child swim lessons coming up? What if I told you that you could get all your errands and school pickups done FASTER than usual AND squeeze in a workout at the same time?

Too good to be true? No! It's the CRAZY PARENT WORKOUT!!

No kidding, I tried this last week and actually felt pretty good about it (good enough to mention it here). It started as a joke to cajole my kids through an afternoon of in-the-car-out-of-the-car errands, but turned into a decent day of exercise plus lots of laughs for all of us. And I finished my grocery shopping, etc. in record time.

Here's the big secret: Every time you make a stop (at the store, at the school, at the post office, at the latte joint), park a little farther away than usual and RUN to the front door of the establishment. I'm serious. Watch out for cars in the parking lot of course, but grab the kids and just start running. They'll love it, and you'll boost your heart rate and get a sweet little interval workout in the bargain.

Think I may be the next Richard Simmons? One can only hope.



  1. says

    This is hilarious. I will try it. I had just noted to a friend how interesting it is that my 3-year-old will run to get just about anything and that grown-ups rarely do (run to do anything).

  2. JMM says

    For a little added resistance/strengthening…At the grocery store, run while pushing the cart (with children inside). I’ve been doing this with my children for years and they love the home made roller coaster ride with screams and all!