Pants drawstring gives toddler something to handle while nursing

Melissa found a way to keep her toddler’s hands busy while nursing:

My nursing toddler has always been a very “handsy” nurser – pulling my hair, yanking my shirt completely off, whatever. And I never really understood the idea of a nursing necklace – first of all, it just seemed like it would give my baby something to strangle me with, and secondly, it doesn’t really work for the side-lying position. So I started just wearing a lot of drawstring pants and giving her the strings to play with. They’re usually just the right length and a good width, completely safe because they’re attached to you, and easily accessible to the baby from different nursing positions. Plus, because it’s around my waist and not my neck, she can yank on it without causing me any discomfort.

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  1. says

    My little girl is also a busy nurser… I’ve just found another great way to distract her pinching hands – finger plays! We do “where is thumbkin”, “patty cake”, and “open, shut them” whenever she starts groping. Bonus – we usually end up in giggles with all the silly play.

  2. says

    I also had a “handsy” girl. Someone gave us a stuffed tiger as a baby shower gift (I remember thinking, “Really? A tiger? For an infant???”) and it had perfect facial fluff for pulling on. I started holding it while nursing her to give her something other than me and my hair to pull on. Now, at age 2, she’s long done with nursing, but Tiger is her favorite toy and she still pulls on his “whiskers” at bedtime every night.

  3. Noel says

    I love drawstring pants too (as a Pear Shape, they fit the best). But I can’t find any. Anyone have ideas where I can get drawstring pants, especially on the internet?